It Used To Be . . .  

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3/1/2006 7:43 am

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It Used To Be . . .

Back in the day before internet sex and before the acronym “NSA” was even a well, an acronym, people used to hook up in bars. Now I am sure that people still do, just something I am no longer interested in. I did go to a club recently and it was full of 21 year olds scanning the room, crowded dance floors and I remembered how awful club hook ups were. It used to be you would go to a bar, have a couple of drinks, make eye contact with a man and take it from there. It really was not a great way to meet people, you had to yell in their ear and a majority of the time due to sitting around drinking, that person looked much better than in the light of the next day. A lot of times you were lucky to even get their first name. You would end up at their place or yours have a night of fun filled passion. Then their was the pressure of are they going to ask for my number? Most of the time you fumbled around and made an effort to exchange numbers, once out the door, carefully tossed. I always felt that if I had a one night stand, chances are I would never want to see that person again. Once you have crossed that line to sex, hard to go back. I remember I did run into a one night stand again and it was awkward and slightly embarrassing. I generally have a rule when dating a person not to have sex with them on the first date, of course I don’t consider a blow job, real sex, my husband would disagree. It is kind of like the condom, so self contained, neat, and easy. It sometimes is like not really having sex at all, another point of disagreement. I like to think of the condom as the “Glass Slipper” of the 21st century.

Today, with the invention of the internet and sites like passion, we can at least find out some particulars about the person. How tall is he, how old is he, how much education does he have, what is his zodiac sign (I get a little hung up on that one), what is the size of his cock and what does he like to do when he is not chasing tail. I once read on Match were some guy had put in his profile “Do all these people really hike?” I thought that was so funny, but true, are we the sum of our profile? Somehow, you start to feel like “hey I know this person” he likes skiing, I like skiing, he likes art, I like art. We feel connected before we even meet. I few email exchanges, a few telephone calls and were on our way . . . In reality it may be similar to the one night stand but for some reason we feel better about it, well at least I do.

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