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“You know this isn’t right” How did I get myself into this position I do not know. We just broke up less than two months ago and I yearned for his touch. No one ever made me feel the way he did and yet here I was again clothes strewn across the floor setting myself up for another day of mourning. His name was Joseph and he felt so right, skin mahogany brown that tasted like coconut flakes and the acceptable amount of perspiration. Fingers long enough to grasp my whole breast and knead it just the way I like. The same fingers that were caressing my neck, all I was thinking was how I could do this to myself. Then I felt him bring my thighs forward and plunge his head in between my thighs…that’s how. He kept slipping his tongue into me and playing with my clit spelling all my favorite positions and our names going through the alphabet, by the time he was on lowercase l I came hard. I knew he was going to act cocky so I stole the opportunity. “Drink that shit as if it were water”, didn’t know I had it in me to be so dominant, as I began to grind against his face “you see this, this is how I want to be fucked none of that making love tonight…tonight your knocking it out the frame”. I couldn’t take it anymore, I didn’t even lift up I jus slid my myself down his chest leaving a sticky trail of my juice. I placed myself on top of his dick. It was bigger than I remembered and the head seemed to burst a hole through me. I thought I heard his dog growling at something than I realized it was me. I never fucked him like this before. I felt all the pimped up energy releasing itself from my body. I looked into his eyes and we locked each other into a gaze. Even though I controlled the motion he grasped onto my hips. I know he felt vulnerable because he was doing none of the work but he wasn’t going to complain. I moved my hips as if I was moving to a dancehall beat and I was in a passé passé tape. I felt my hips buckle and I started going in a figure eight motion. “Damnit girl where was this 3 months ago”. Then we both heard it, someone was in the hallway, I rolled off his dick and fell on the floor. I heard the door open and our best friend walked in. “If you trying to hide you shouldn’t leave your legs in the air Missy” “Get out Nikos”. The one thing that bothered me about Joseph is he was cocky and loved fucking in public but had serious stage fright. By the time I got back on the bed he was soft. It’s alright though cause I love giving head. I grabbed the head and teased it with my fingernails, I felt him jerk a little and I was in the zone. I started with a quick tongue lashing licking all of his dick as if he laced it with cocaine. I gripped it with one hand and sucked on his balls, each one as if they were chocolate gum drops only the size of golf balls. I felt the veins rising in his cock and told him to fuck me. He gladly obliged and went to the edge of the bed lifting me up and laying me down at the edge with my ass just hanging off the bed. I knew he wanted optimum control and this was one way of getting it. He took his dick and slid it up and down my lips and stabbing my labia. Using his dick he slapped the top of my pussy spreading my juices up and down my thigh. I craved him inside of me and begged for him to enter. He did so slowly entering me inch by inch slowly grinding himself in me. I felt his penis filling me up and I let out a low rumble. He leaned low and drilled me hard. I felt his sweat staining my body and him kneading my breast, pushing them together until the nipples almost touched. Never slowing down I felt my body shake and I felt a little limp. Orgasm number two came down hard. He pulled out and whispered “You got yours can I get mine?” I couldn’t even respond I just cooed to comply. He flipped me over and instinctively I got on all fours. I was face down ass up and ready to fuck and he was ready to drill for oil. He placed his hands on my hips and just killed me. No better way to say it, he just started going fast and I began to scream. Each time he would go a little deeper and I felt his hand cup my breast. Each thrust he would tug on my nipples, and I would scream a little louder. One minute for Jesus and another minute damning Joe to hell for fucking me so royally. He slowed down as my breathing labored remembering I was an asthmatic, I started to bounce him back once he slowed down and I took a deep breath inhaling the stench of pure fucking in the air. He finally grabbed my hair and pulled hard. I knew he was coming and I arched my back in order to make the orgasm more intense. I felt him collapse on top of me and I laid down with him gingerly smiling next to me. Now I didn’t feel so bad. He left me and broke my heart and now he missed out on some good pussy, and he knew he still loved me. Poor thing started sputtering out all the “I’m Sorry’s” and “I didn’t know you could that” mess as soon as he hit the sheets, begging for me to be his girl before his sweat ran cold. I knew I still loved him and I’m setting myself up again, but the power of the pussy obviously can do wonders.

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3/5/2006 2:46 pm

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