My First Time  

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3/6/2006 3:59 pm

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My First Time

"C'mon you know you want to" "You want to walk to walk in these heels if so I'll glady trade" "Lets just go downstairs, I want your essence". He's so sweet. I walked with him down the stairs of the old building. As i scraped my hand along the sides leaving a trail of paint scrapings to our spot. Formally known as the restricted section. As we got lower into the building I smelt the musk and mold. THe cold damp air made my nose perk up and my hearing become acute. I heard him turn the corner and I was lost as I took the last step. "Hey you" he whispered as he grabbed my shoulders. I loved the way he kissed me, it felt as if our souls were mixing that's what he meant by my essence. Our souls mixing as our tounges danced...and what a sensual dance it was. He grabbed my head and caressed my neck playing with the top of my spine. I felt his shirt ruffle as he lifted it over his head. It broke our kiss and I was left a little dazed. Once I regained my balance I looked at his chest and ran my ahnd against a 5 inch scar he had. It reminded me of his rough side. I licked down across his neck and sucked on his Adams apple and ran my tongue from each nipple biting each one. I loved to see him flinch a man being vulnerable is so sexy. I reached his pelvis and unzipped his pants with my teeth and licked his dick through his boxers. “Please don’t fuck with me” Ha! I took hid dick out and deep throated it one time; he groaned and placed his hands on my shoulders for balance. I licked up and down with my tongue while his dick was still in my mouth. Tickling his balls with one hand while fingering myself my wet snatch with the other. Working up a steady rhythm that made his hot juices fill my mouth, one thing I loved about him was I was never disappointed, because once he sparked his little solider was right back up. I stood up not knowing what to do next we couldn’t fuck there, janitors passed this way all the time. “Turn around baby”. Moving me with his hand like a swift wind I was facing the blue and white wall that’s paint was limply hanging. Slowly I took off my pants and threw my underwear aside. I felt his tongue slide up and down my back and my legs began to quiver. Soon he had his manhood pressed against the crack of my ass, that’s when I felt a painful pop. SHIT THIS BOY IS FUCKING ME IN MY ASS!!!! He didn’t even ask. Oooh man this shit hurt so good. He went so slow and my body was lost between actions. “Are you Okay” how is he going to ask that after he already took it away. I never thought this would be me here. I couldn’t even speak so I just cooed in compliance. He placed his hands on my lower back forcing me to arch, a move that placed his dick deeper inside me. Raking my hands against the wall putting us in a rain fall of paint chips. I squealed as I felt my juices trailing down my leg and I couldn’t take it. “ Baby please stop, it’s to much too soon” “Once you pop you don’t stop so take all this good dick” Oh my lord what a trip he was on! Why wont he… never mind he wants me to take it I’m going to give it. I felt for the back of his thighs and gripped on them for support. Once I started to bounce back I couldn’t stifle my screams. I began to talk shit. “Fuck me you want it come get it bitch” Apparently that was his cue because his pelvis jabbed forward and a shot of hot cum went in my ass. I felt him pull out and tap my ass. As if a polite way to tell me to turn around. I faced him with a stern face “You anal virginity bandit” “Shut up” He palmed my back and we started out sensual tongue dance once again.

rm_Khemeckals 37M
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3/6/2006 4:44 pm

Wowzers... ummm... yeah.. Wish I could think of something to say lol
Good story.

rebel12545 54M

3/7/2006 7:49 am

Fantastic story Tempted!!! Very erotic!!! Nice

joystick390111 50M
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3/25/2006 6:39 pm

Damn! I love that story! I hope it actually happened 4 u.......
If not, bend ova and let the stick show u how it

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