The weirdness of penetration  

tekweezel 62M
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11/29/2005 5:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The weirdness of penetration

Looking at the creation of orgasm as a technical problem can drive you a little nutso. I look at the products that are out there, which I usually refer to as LRD's (large rubber dicks), and then trying to figure out why people buy a particular one, and trust me it makes no sense. I have come to the conclusion that mostly men buy them to watch their women use them. Whether they are effective seems to be entirely secondary, and some stuff is so bizzare that you wonder if the designers ever considered somebody was actually going to try and use them.
I have found with my machines (which I have designed specifically to be bisexual) that men are the ones who want them, and everyone from my models to my computer hardware guy is agitating for me to stick an LRD on the thing, mostly to increase the visual appeal of the device.
I am continually left wondering just how important is deep penetration to women. It isn't a question that comes up in casual conversation, and even when you do get an opportunity to ask the answers are cryptic and all over the map. I often feel that because I am an owner/operator of a penis that ladies feel they are required to spare my feelings when talking about LRD's. like I have an emotional connection to penises in general because I am male....maybe I should learn to knit or something. It might be easier.

crazygurl2xx 57F

2/26/2006 7:59 am

deep penetration, or what i call banging my cervix, is not desirable. if deep penetration can be achieved without the painful effects of a direct hit, then ok all is well and good. a direct hit to the cervix can literally make me sick to my stomach.

a LRD is ok for masturbation when you have complete control of penetration, but personally i prefer shallow penetration as that is what feels best so why bother with the extra 3 inches or whatever? i bought one to try out, of course.

tekweezel 62M
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2/26/2006 9:40 am

Thank you for a sensible and very enlightening answer. The probe attachment that I supply with most of my designs is a ball on a flexible shaft about three inches long and it curves forward. It has seemed to work in the test pilots that have tried it.

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