No thanks. I'll risk it.  

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3/15/2006 6:14 am

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No thanks. I'll risk it.

The safest creatures in the world are the cows that eat behind my house. They are daily escorted from the barn to a fenced in spot where there is good grass, and left to stand like huge eating machines until it's time for them to be milked and stored for another night. Their routine is the same every day. Eternal and unchanging. They have been engineered to provide the maximum possible resource to their master with the least possible investment of time and attention. They are almost perfect in this. And the great reward is that they receive food, shelter, medical attention, and the promise that nothing is going to "get them". They have achieved true safety,and security, and all it cost was complete and profound slavery.
While it can be unquestionably said that these creatures fulfill a noble purpose and are vital to the other creatures that depend upon them, I can't help but look with a certain horror at the lives they live. All they have to do is what they did yesterday. Nothing will change tomorrow. It is all safe, it is all secure, and it is all the same. Their lives are totally scripted and without risk, their sex lives artificially engineered, their family and friends whoever is stolidly munching away next to them today, ignored and unacknowledged. They are free of conflict, free of mistakes, free of all risk and responsibility. They are safe. Totally, horribly safe.
I sometimes see myself in a room of a million small cubicles each with a person hunched over a keyboard, focused on a screen. They fight battles with no blood, have sex with no fluids or bacteria exchanged, fall in love without ever touching another human. And every once in a while I experience a profound sense of horror at the thought of a hand landing on my shoulder, and a voice saying, "time to head for the barn."
It is my most sincere hope that I never learn to play completely safe. I do not want a heart too delicate to get broken for real, or a face too pretty to get punched for real, or an ego too fragile to get bruised for real. I do not ever want to be so safe that even the thought of risk becomes scary.
I take comfort in the fact that I do not need the assurance of safety from humanity, as long as I know that nature has granted me the strength to heal if injured, or failing that the mortality to have an ending when the time comes. A physical, mental, or emotional beating is a small price to pay if it means I can avoid the barn. I never, ever want to be that safe.

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3/24/2006 6:43 am

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