Like rollergirls only digital  

tekweezel 62M
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2/26/2006 2:55 pm

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Like rollergirls only digital

I never had much respect for mud wrestlers or tittie dancers. It always occured to me that you knew what was gonna happen, no real surprises. Yep, there goes the top..uh huh..titties are iminent. Right there goes the other top....yawn.
I think that's why I have taken a fancy to rollergirls lately. Nobody thinks that roller derby is girly, and certainly nobody looks on it as a sport, but you have to admit a guy would have to be somebody to have his name tattooed on a roller girl's ass. I think I might trade any medal or award I ever won for that, and I have a sock drawer full.

I mean, you might get to see the odd tittie here and there, but only accidentally in the midst of some god awful face punching. And if you get to see it you don't stare cause she might see you, and your car is out in that dark parking lot and she's a mean looking hootchie, tittie not withstanding, and might just be waiting for you after the match, and it could end up either in Penthouse forum or the emegency room and you aren't sure which would be easier on you.

I think that's why I like the girls on AdultFriendFinder They are like rollergirls only digital. They might be real or not, they might show you a tittie or not, but you can dream about meeting them and never have to worry about actually getting your ass kicked, and when you get tired you press a button, and they go away, and then they'll all be here tomorrow. All my little super heroes....damn I love technology.

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