Honky Tonk Divas  

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2/27/2006 8:22 am

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Honky Tonk Divas

Got a check today registered mail, I love it when that happens, because the lady down at the post office knows just about what I do for a living, and does her best to look like she's hiding the fact she's scandalized, because she isn't really. Gals out here don't get scandalized, or they get over it before they are high school aged anyway. Just how the shit works.

Now the girls around here probably don't know there's a name for what they are, or what they do. But when it comes down to a game of "who's your Mama, they are the varsity team and that's no shit. That little country gal who was doing the nasty over at Abu whatchamacallit was just a puppy. I got the same beasts right down at the Phoenix bar and they been doing it three times as long and have a lot more to be pissed about.

Pass out drunk before you pay your support and see don't you end up duct taped to the hood of an 82 Scottsdale, with your jakes wired to the starter, and your ex and her sisters sitting in the front seat giggling as they fight over the keys. They never heard of electrical play, but they can all count, and you're gonna be discussing any cash, valuables, and pin numbers, plus how many times you played with your Johnson last week if they are feeling sentimental.

They can't spell sensory deprivation, but we had a guy end up sealed naked inside of an old Frigidaire, and would have been there until he looked like King Tut's ass too, except he was able to rock it off his sweety's front porch, and the hinges busted. Then the sheriff came and got his hog tied ass and threw him in the slam for stalking and lewd conduct. He's out every weekend with a plastic bag picking up trash on the highway. His Sweety always drives by and waves from her new Ram pickup pulling her boyfriend's bass boat. Humiliation? Nope, she just calls it "gettin' hers".

There's hundreds of these little domestic operas out here, and I can throw a rock and hit a situation that will beat the dog poop out of Jerry Springer whenever I get ready. So before we get too sophisticated about being dominant you might want to meet my "girl next door". She walks out to the barn every morning, steps up behind the stud bull, and kicks him in the nads to get him to turn around, then grabs him by the ring in his nose and takes him where he's gonna be eating for the day. That fucker looks like an Escalade with black hair and a hump, and she's twelve and goes maybe a hundred pounds. Imagine when she's thirty five, a hefty 180, and pissed off at anything with a pecker.

We don't have a lot of Mistress or Dommes out here. We just got the gals that live and grew up hereabouts. You want Dominantion? Walk into the Phoenix wearing big city clothes and order a light imported beer. Trust me, it'll find you.

crazygurl2xx 57F

3/2/2006 6:44 am

Love it... a little taste of home-fried reality!

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