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9/17/2005 3:53 am

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Welcome to my little world

Hello, and welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.

People in general never cease to amaze me with their lack of forethought, common sense, and what I would like to consider base intelligence. For a fine example of all of the above just take a drive down your local freeway for 10 minutes, or read the letters to the editor in the newspaper. I'll grant that there are people who write in to the newspapaer that arn't halfwits though they are seemingly the minority. What I'm speaking of in general are the ones that have the words: bleeding heart, you liberals, or liberal media anywhere in the first 2 sentences.
Since these letters are usualy written by uninformed (i.e. informed by fox news) middle class republicans, they are justifiably worthless except as entertainment value for people with IQs over 60. These are the same people who cheered the assignment of George W Bush by the Supreme Court to the office of President of these United States. I must say that I too was overjoyed and dancing in the streets (*SARCASM ALERT*) to recieve my $200 "tax relief" check from the federal government. Boy am I glad to know that there are plenty of millionaires out there who inherited their money from daddy who now have even more money that can "trickle down" into my pockets.
Thank you America for proving how self indulgent and ludicrously stupid the idea or a capitalist republic run by the rich for the rich can be.

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