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5/11/2006 12:54 pm

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One day i decided to get on the net,
I thought a chat room would be my best bet.
I saw names and words come up frome where, i knew not.
I soon took a chance and had a nice thought,
could i do this? it looked real neat.
I saw names on the screen that started with sweet,sweet smile , joe, and smokey were there too,
And then i saw it,"oh yes , we're talking to you , come on in and chat a while".
And when i did i started to smile.
I saw chucky and robbie and soon i was friends with quite a few by the end of the day.
And after a while they called me their friend.
Sometimes i come in and my friends are not there,
But i'll go back again because i know they care.
some live in the cape and some do not,
But they always know when i need to talk.
I am so glad i took the leap and went into the chat room,
Because now i have met all these lovely people !!!

Toodela 59M
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5/14/2006 9:47 am

Hi x

Hmmm ... some days it seems there could be more chatting thru a blog so quiet the room is! lol

Yeah, many great people in the chat, like you


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