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6/13/2006 3:56 pm

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So tonight i get to work my first shift as a part time employee...yippee!!! i'm nervous about it because it's a brand new ER that just opened today,so i'm sure there is going to be some random problems. Hopefully the wicked witch of the west won't be working with me all the time, but i'm sure with my luck she will be.

Also, i want someone to snuggle with damnit! and i want it to be someone i think is cute, who smells good, and who will play with my hair (i love that). Jack and i decided we'll get married in two years..hahahaha...he cracks me up. I just want someone who wants my mind, body and soul...that's all

ok, off to work kiddos! today is also my parents 36th wedding anniversary. Talk about staying power, those two have it. They took me out to dinner with them (Because i live at home and am slightly spoiled). It was fun, and i'm soooooo full right now.

Can't wait to see what my new day brings for me!!


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6/20/2006 6:05 pm

hi nikki,
was reading your blog, I am new here but looking for to make some good friends

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