Internet sarcasm  

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6/23/2006 12:12 am

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Internet sarcasm

Is damn near possible to convey. Something said in a joke, is meant in a joking way, but only the typer knows that. No one else does, because there is no body language, voice inflection, or anythign else that alerts the reader that "hey, that's a joke!" Sometimes people take things on the internet a little too seriously too. i'll be the first to admit that i sometime read things the wrong way and will jump to conclusions about what the person meant, when in reality, they meant nothing hurtful by it, just the way i interpreted it. This leads to problems and confusions because people get their feelings hurt. The way you read things on the net is framed by how your life situation is at that current moment. if you're happy you'll read it one way, sad, you'll read it another way, etc...if you think someone is being rude/mean/obnoxious, before you say anything in retalliation, i try and let it simmer in my head for a bit. I'll let it go and come back awhile later and look at it and say "ok so what does this really say, not what i think it says".

I'm an easy going girl, and arguing over the internet is futile...nothing is accomplished because it's just words, across the screen, to some other anonymous person. Think about that sometime......a person could be anyone on here, someone completely different then who they are in real life, because who is to say that they can't be? So you have no idea what they bring to the conversation in terms of ideas, history, and thoughts..

Just thought i'd share a little rambling on my thoughts on the way the world wide web works sometimes....and yes, i've gotten my feelings hurt many many times by people online, and then i realize "They have no idea who i am and what i do with my life...bite me"


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