Ironguts at the wheel  

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3/10/2006 6:02 am
Ironguts at the wheel

Well after fueling in Winslow at ex 253 on I 40 going west. I drove another 71 miles to the rest area on the otherside of Flagstaff. I was pretty tired so I woke up Irongut. He got up and got ready and started driving. Well we hadnt even went 20 miles and were suddenly in the middle of a blizard. I kid you not. To top that all off the windows start fogging up. And we cannot fugure it out, till Irongut realizes there is nothing blowing out the vents. I just wanna thank the LORD for giving man the abillty to invent 'Hair Dryers' and 'Inverters"
so here we are driving in a Blizard with no defrost other then me holding the hair dryer on the windows. But anyway we have servived and gotten in dryer country. Jr is driving And Its time for me to sleep.

This is the Teapot (f) side of teapotirongut84 sayin TTFN

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