ummmm Yeah......  

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12/23/2005 11:27 pm

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ummmm Yeah......

I've managed to sucker my boss into some time off over the holidays to visit my family. as a side note about my family.....
I'm the youngest of 5, the only not married and the only without kids or waiting to adopt kids. 18 people in all including parents, neices and nephews. Irish, Italian and catholic.... VERY catholic. My brother is getting his Doctorate degree in relegion. My family has a hestory of members about to dedicate their lives toward the church until they met their signifant others. The running gag is that I need to look into being a priest, then maybe I could get a date. Again, being the black sheep that I am, I'm not the church going type but I was raised as such.
Anyway, I degress. So Monday morning a proceeded to miss my flight out to Tampa (having to pay $422 for 1st class or wait 10 hours) spend Tuesday with my best friends (not nearly enough time) then get up bright and early to drive to Huntsville Alabama with my Brother and Sister in law to meet up with the rest of the clan. Ya know sometimes you make bad choices but don't realize it till it's to late. Case in point.

I have a very competitave family. We'll compete over anything and everything. About 10 years one of the grandkids got, for christmas, one of those shape ball thingys. Ya know, red on 1 half and blue on the other with yellow block shapes that fit into holes around the ball. Christmas afternoon found 6 adults huddled around this childs toy with a stopwatch seeing who can put it together the quickest. Yeah, games are big around here. This year (and I can't believe I'm admitting this to anyone) they've decided to make 'reindeer games' T-shirts with logos of each reindeer family team. Yes, I raised by geeks and nerds. There's no way of getting around it so I'm just gonna have to accept it.

After dinner I had some stuff to do on the computer for work (even on Vacation, I still work) while the rest played a game called the great dalmudi. Now I don't know exactly how the game is played, all I do know is that there is some odd caste system in place that has some players being subseviant to others. "Ya know, I'm getting a bit thirsty. Peasant, go get me a coke!" I over heard from the other room. I had to hold my deviant thoughts in as my sister asked why I have a shit eating grin on my face. um...... yeah! I could see this game being played by a host of fellow perverts . I'm gonna have to pick it up for my next party.

So that brings me up to now. I've been here all of 2 days and I'm already going stir crasy. If I don't get out and find some "fun" I just might snap.

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