The First Day of School (again...)  

teachlit77 40M
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8/22/2006 9:48 pm
The First Day of School (again...)

It must be one of the more interesting experiences of getting older that you never quite realized how young you looked when you were eighteen. With each passing school year, the freshman look younger and younger, more and more like children. And yet I remember feeling so "adult" in those younger shoes.

But more importantly, I had forgotten the importance of wearing a tie. I decided to play dress-up for the first day, and put on a white shirt, a very interesting green tie, and brown slacks. The greeness of the tie was a perfect introduction to my rather blue eyes, which were a wee hidden behind a pair of professorial frames. The look, I hope, was distinguished without being too sartorial.

I would guess that the number of stares I got, as I walked across campus, went up three-fold.

Now, for those of you who are not native to Iowa, there is something known as the Iowa stare. In most places, it would be recognized as that look which lasted just a few seconds too long, indicating an attraction. But in Iowa -- for the most part -- it's just a friendly, passive-aggressive summing up of your entire metaphysical being. So stares are not the same thing, especially when you want that stare to be an intimate lingering.

But it did give me a little bit of pride, which certainly made me feel better as I was about to see my new round of students. And, I am so happy to report, that both men and women were staring at me.

I think I will play dress-up more often.

Undress me with your eyes, but when you actually get them off of me, you're in for a thrill that will exceed anything you can imagine.

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