The Bisexual Manifesto: Part One  

teachlit77 40M
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8/13/2006 8:02 pm
The Bisexual Manifesto: Part One

Let me explain it this way. First off, there is such a thing as bisexuality. However, what that bisexuality means for you may be quite a bit different than what it means for me.

I've done the research and there are at least eleven different types of bisexuality, and of course you can mix those eleven as well to create hybrids.

That can be explained later. More importantly:

I don't find bisexuality to be an excuse for being indecisive. I find men as attractive as I do women, and I can see myself having a primary partnership with either one.

I will probably be bisexual for the rest of my life. This means that whoever loves me will have to love my bisexuality too. This is where most problems in my past relationships have come from. Monogamy should not mean possession, nor should polyamory lead to jealousy and retaliation.

I put it this way to a gay friend of mine: what if I devoted my life to you, raised children with you, fought the fights, remained devoted to you through thick and thin. What if you also knew the woman I was sleeping with. Not sleeping with all the time, and not sleeping with as an excuse not to sleep with you. You know her, and it is up to you to know how well you know her. We use protection, and if you want to, you can watch to see what I get out of it, and express safely and when necessary that part of who I am. (Not that it's something I can't get out of you.)

The answer was no, that could not work. Because he had to possess me wholly, because he wanted the same. Because anything else was cheating and an insult to him.

But what of the insult to me?

Possession is not the same as captivity. Though I fear most of us feel the latter, though we may only say the former, when we love.

The alternative is cheating, which is what most bisexuals do. The honesty of bisexuality is the hardest part, because lying is so easy, and I fear, expected. Too many people expect bisexuality to be a breach that can be healed over, only to be opened up again. And that's what lying does.

This is a part of me. And I love it as much as I love the rest of me, which will never be as much as I love you.

More later.

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