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8/14/2006 11:56 pm

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Place and Time

So far tonight I have rejected three advances, all by men, since they're the ones who tend to do the advancing.

I have yet to refuse an advance from a woman. (Will you ladies please remember this?)

One wanted to rub my feet. That was it.

The other wanted me to sit on his mighty timber. I declined, as I don't like splinters, and I don't bottom anyway.

The third was 18 years old. That would mean at least a decade between us. Now for some of you, screwing an 18 year old up the butt might be a turn-on.

But the teacher, in fact, teaches. Despite all the media controversy, I've never been attracted to a student, and have never seduced one. I love my job too much to even notice if they're attractive or not. And since a large part of teaching is probing for ignorance, I quickly get a sense of their maturity and their thirst for knowledge.

The well is always full, but they'd rather go for the keg.

Now, ten years older than me I could certainly go for. I can certainly relate to mature people -- though it's not true that wisdom comes with age. I know those folks, too.

So the secret of getting consent from me? Right place, right time. I know my own share of hookups gone wrong because I tried to do something and the moment had passed, or that moment was interrupted.

By husbands banging on the hotel door.

I wish he knew he could have joined.

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