Dressing Her  

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9/1/2006 1:54 pm

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Dressing Her

The first two weeks of classes have flown by, and all is well. Swell, actually. I seem to have developed a slight crush on another graduate student who is working in an area the total opposite of mine: one where you get paid very well and your work has a "practical" component that may damn well solve some important issues in the world.

I spent some time in a discussion workshop, listening to her talk about her projects. While I was certain I was keeping eye contact with her, when she looked my way, I was less certain if all of my mental attention was there.

No rings on her fingers, good. (Perhaps good.) Nicely, naturally tanned. Strawberry blonde hair. Her arms were not toned, good. (Perhaps bad.) Her breasts...

Well, she has breasts, of a nice size even. Not too big, not too small. But they were down a bit too low on her chest, for her age. I kept stealing glances. She was wearing a bra, I surmised, but it was her outfit that was messing her shape up. She was wearing a sort of denim top, and the space allocated for her breasts were poorly framed. They ended up looking more like drooping blocks than what I knew they actually were.

I began to envision a trip to the mall. Blues, yes, but not as royal as the top she was wearing. Different fabrics. A slightly higher skirt to emphasize her toned legs. That could be denim with really any color top, aside from blue or a dark green. Bra-fitting. Cup-groping. Etc.

I am well-known for taking women who dress poorly and revolutionizing their wardrobes. There are simply too many women who feel so shy, or hidden, by their bodies that they just put obscure them more. My most recent ex had a rack that she was clearly uncertain whether to disguise or flaunt. And this is where I come in handy, as there are clothes that will do both, which just makes everything all the more fun for everyone.

My own style errs on the side of conservative. One half preppy, one half accademic. A certain professionalism marred slightly by youthfulness.

All my friends had noticed that in the time we had dated that she dressed better and seem more relaxed about her body. So when I was talking to my friends about this most recent of crushes, they looked plainly at me and one finally said, "You don't want to fuck her, you just want to dress her."

And this wasn't true, though I realized it was the first part of what I said about her. I would very much like to take her clothes off and break in my new bed with her. We are all beautiful when we're naked, and if we're not, it's amazing what a little moonlight can do.

But a part of me thinks ahead the sex, that, hopefully, if the sex is good and the relationship follows, that we will mutually renovate ourselves. Perhaps my tastes will change as I taste hers. Certainly hers will when she tastes me.

And let's face it ladies. You've always wanted a man you can shop with and fuck the hell out of too.

sassybelle21 32F
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9/1/2006 6:46 pm

Besides shopping with me and fucking me hard, I hope he has a good dress sense. I don't like to feel embarassed going out with a walking fashion disaster.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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9/2/2006 2:53 pm

    Quoting sassybelle21:
    Besides shopping with me and fucking me hard, I hope he has a good dress sense. I don't like to feel embarassed going out with a walking fashion disaster.
Too funny, but true. I do dress comfy lately myself; however, the men that I have hung around do end up dressing better than when we first met. I do enjoy dressing them up.

None of my husbands have never quite figured out how to dress me up. I am a challenge for them with all of my curves. Maybe I should get on a show like RUNWAYS and let them try to dress me and hide the curves that don't need to be emphasized!! LOL....

Wonder what they would come up with???? lol...


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