tazzler1 55M/42F
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3/19/2006 8:41 pm

isn't it one of those things that one would call rude when you talk to someone and then they no longer talk to you? they dont say anything like I'm sorry your not my type please don't call( message me, e-mail me, ect ect).
Personally I think it is rude but maybe I'm just one of the very few that are polite enough to say that, heck I have said no a few times and said why and thanked the person for the offer.
guess thats why they don't have anyone in their life that want to be around them for very long, life is about give and take, ups and downs, and saying "I feel great" even if you feel like shit because we all like to be around people that are up...
guess I'm turning this into a rant or I could be saying what noone wants to believe I don't know I'm just speeking my mind too

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