What do you find sexy?  

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1/30/2006 10:54 am
What do you find sexy?

I've been asked this question before, on other sites/blogs and thought it was interesting. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Being a so-called 'bisexual', I probably have some unique answers. Maybe not but what the heck.

So here, in no particular order, is my list.

1) The brain - After all, isn't this really the center of who we are? Isn't this were our personality and intelligence lives? I for one have found that an open, honest, caring, intelligent, positive personality overcomes any and all physical issues. I'd MUCH rather be with someone, male or female, who has a good, mature, loving personality than some 'model' type with a perfect body. MUCH! Personalities turn me on, big time.

2) Eyes - I see the eyes as a window into a persons soul. You can tell SO much about a person but just looking at thier eyes and the way that they look at you and the rest of the world. Does your partner actually LOOK at you? Make eye contact? Or do they look elsewhere? Girls know what it's like to talk to a guy who's doing nothing but staring at their breasts right? Is that the kind of guy you want to have sex or make love with? I ALWAYS try to look people in the eye and really expect them to do the same for me.

3) Mouths - Is there a more sensual organ of the human body? Besides it's ability to kiss, lick, suck etc, this is how we humans communicate and THAT is definitly one of the most sensual/sexy things about us. Of course, me being an 'oral specialist' and all, I get off on USING my mouth also. The taste of another human being, male of female, is definitly sexy. Tasting the musky, salty and sweet 'nectar' of a womans pussy, the stronger but also more subtle tast of a mans cock, the feeling of their skin as I run my tongue over their body all are incredible turn ons for me.

4) Necks - I just love 'em. Most people, especially women (but lot's of guys also) just LOVE having their necks kissed, licked, massaged and plaid with. Lot's of women seem to just go wild by lightly biting their lovers neck while in the throws of an orgasm. They also seem to just love having you run your tongue down their neck, kissing, licking and teasing. (Once again, lot's of guys do to) At least in my experience.

5) Chest/nipples - It's amazing just how MANY guys like having their nipples plaid with. Really! In my experience I'd say it runs as high at 90%+.. Guys seem to REALLY like it rough also. Pinch, nibble, bite etc. I know I do. Some women do also. Ok, probably lot's of women. It's interesting that nipples are one thing both sexes share isn't it? For me, I just LOVE big, hard nipples. I'm MUCH more turned on by well formed, hard nipples than actual female breasts. Don't get me wrong here, I love a womens breast as much as the next guy but, a) size doesn't mean a thing to me and b) I'm MUCH more turned on by great nips

6) Stomach - Is there ANYTHING sexier than a nice hard/tight stomach? Both on guys and gals. Guys with 6-pack abs are just SOOOO sexy. I LOVE 'em. Tracing the outline of each muscle with my tongue. Shoot, bellybuttons really deserve a catagory unto themselves Womens stomachs/abs are different. (Of course, women are completely different to begin with So smooth and soft. I just LOVE a pierced bellybutton. Don't you?

7) Skin/hair - OMG, it's ONLY the largest sex organ in the human body.. I don't think that I've found a spot that CAN'T be aroused sexually.. It amazes me the difference between men and women. Women are typically SOOO smooth and soft. Men on the other hand are rough and hard. Typically. It's not just the hair that makes the difference either. Shoot, I've been with some men who have a LOT less hair than some of the women I've been with Men and women taste different also. Men have a more 'earthy' taste if you will. Women on the other hand, have a sweeter taste. At least that's my experience. Maybe it has to do with the way we each bathe or something, I don't know. Obviously, men and women also have different hair. Much the same as the skin, men's hair tends to be rough and women's hair seems to be softer. Of course most men have a LOT more hair than women. Not withstanding legs, men just have more hair everywhere It's fun to play with no doubt but really, I like my lovers nice and smooth, with minimal hair. I like my guys to trim their pubic hair and to shave their balls. No one likes eating pubic hair. For women, I also like a nicely trimmed 'bush'. Shaved smooth is ok but really, leave a little to play with gals. Now I do like women who keep the area around their clit and their labes trimmed or shaved. It's all a matter of mechanics and access. Besides, I think a nicely trimmed pussy looks SOOOO sexy.

Legs/Ass - Ok, NOW we're getting somewhere, at least for me. I'm DEFINITLY a leg/ass man. There's ALMOST nothing that turns me on more than a well toned/shaped pair of legs. Especially womens. My God! Shwing! Get the picture? I also love a nice ass, men or womens. Talk about sexy!! As a side light, how many of you like to have your ass spanked? I'm forever surprised to find that a HUGE number of guys REALLLLLY like it. Go figure. Ladies, how about you?

9) Feet/Hands - WOW! Now we're talking. As I've stated previously in my blog, I'm a MAJOR foot fetish. I don't really know why. It would be kind of like asking me why I like the color blue. For as long as I can remember, I've been turned on by feet. (And hands to a lesser extent). The interesting thing, for me at least, is that this is one area where I DO differentiate between men and women. Men's feet hold no interest for me. I'm not sure why. Women's feet on the other hand, are my own personal nirvana. I like them well formed, high arches, long toes, toenails done in red, frenched or natural. I can spend HOURS worshipping a beautiful pair of feet. Massaging, licking, sucking you name it. A well done foot-job, is heaven on earth for me. NOTHING turns me on quite the same way. I just LOVE the summer time when all the ladies let their feet come out from inside all those nasty shoes and boots. I walk around with a constant hard-on.... Hmmmmmm.. Man, I'm losing it

10) Cock/Pussy/Anal - Finally, the meat of the matter! (I coulnd't resist) Man, where to I start. I can probably write for DAYS about these three items... Let's start with cocks. I LOVE 'em. Plain and simple. You'd be amazed how many guys I've been with in just the past year and a half. ALL have been wonderful. In that time, I've seen big ones, small ones. Thick and thin ones. Ones that were cut, ones that were uncut. Ones that curve up, down, sideways or not at all. Ones with great big heads and thin little shafts and ones with tiny little heads with very thick shafts. Ones that are rock hard, ones that are semi-hard, ones that don't get hard at all. Guys who cum in seconds, others who can't have an orgasm to save their life and everything in between. White cocks, brown/black cocks and all shades inbetween. I've absolutely loved them all. The sheer mechanics of how a cock works is a never ending source of amusement for me. One of my biggest turn-ons is to be with a new lover, slowely unzipping his pants, reaching in and pulling out his cock. The sense of anticipation and the 'unknown' are almost overwhelming for me. Man, I've got a hard on just thinking about it. I LOVE sucking cock. BIG TIME. There's NOTHING like the feeling of a nice hard cock sliding down your throat. I love tracing the veins with my tongue, engulfing that trhobbing hunk of manhood, balls and all. Hmmmmm. I'm certainly NOT a size queen btw. While I do enjoy a 'monster' cock, they ARE a lot of work. Tiny/small cocks are fun also but for me, I really like the average sized dick. It's kind of the best of both worlds so to speak.
Pussy on the other hand, for me at least, is a completely different thrill/experience. I LOVE a nice warm/wet pussy just as much as a nice hard cock. Actually, to tell the truth, I like pussy a bit more First off, they're attached to women. That by itself is a MAJOR turn on. Secondly, they're SOOOO much fun to play with. I just love watching a women quiver and squirm as I lick her clit and 'chew' on her labes. Plunging my tongue into her, slowly tracing circles around her outer lips then back in and up past her clit and back down again. Most women I've been with literally start quivering in their thighs and legs in just the sexiest way. I love women with big, well formed clits that I can suck on. I enjoy bringing her clit into my mouth, sucking on it at the same time my tongue flicks over it. Fast, slow, changing the rythim and timing in response to her body. I love pussies with nice shaped, farily large lips. Something to really sink your teeth into I've been with women who have virtually no clit, no lips and others who have HUGE clits and 'mudflaps' for lips. LOL. Once again, I like the average. All have their good points and bad though..

There is NO FEELING in the world, quite like the feeling you get when you sink your cock into a nice, tight, warm, wet pussy. OH MY! It IS heaven on earth. There are times that I feel sorry for women because they will never quite understand what it's like to feel your cock completely enveloped by a women. Inch by inch, sliding inside her. You can feel the walls of her vagina gripping your cock. Slowly pulling back out and sinking back in until your 'balls deep'. Man! Life just does NOT get any better.

Of course, I have NO idea what it's like being on the receiving end but I have to imagine that you girls have your own 'special' thoughts on this subject. I'd LOVE to hear what the other side has to say here

Now we get to the anus (Asshole, whatever I've been inside a number of them, both male and female and I have to tell ya, there's VERY little difference, if any between them. I will say this though, guys who are 'bottoms', tend to REALLY like it a lot. Being a man and having a cock up your ass WILL exert pressure on your prostrate. I've been with guys who can cum, just from this pressure alone. I've also been with a couple of women who love anal sex. One in particular, could ONLY orgasm if she had a cock in her ass. Go figure huh? I've also noticed that a lot of women truly enjoy having a finger play with their anus while your screwing their pussy's. This technique is especially effective in the doggie style position. Remember, ask BEFORE you go sticking your finger(s) ANYWHERE

I have taken a couple of cocks up my ass. It is an incredible experience to say the least. My first time was with one of my main partners. He has an average cock in length but he's VERY thick. At first it was like trying to shove a Coke can up my ass. Once I relaxed though, and with his help and gentleness, I was able to open up and enjoy the experience. The feeling of a hard cock, throbbing away inside of you is very very sexy btw. (I guess I DO know what women experience, at least somwhat huh?)

Girls, here's a secret, MOST guys really DO like it when you play with there assholes. They might not admit it, but they do. Learn where their prostrate is and the next time your having sex, see if you can apply the right kind of pressure. You'll be amazed at the intensity of the orgasim that can be produced in your partner. Trust me on this

Anyway, there's my "Top 10" list. Btw, I do NOT believe there is such a thing as an 'ugly' person. I can ALWAYS find something sexy about just about anybody. Personality, honesty, communications are ALL the sexiest things there are. Having the right attitiude being open and willing to explore all are major turn-ons for me.

Of course, I'm also a MAJOR romantic but we'll that for another post.

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tazzerman2000 59M
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1/31/2006 11:16 am

mzhuny, attitude IS everything After reading your many, many blogs, I know that you have just the right type Luv ya sweetie -tm

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1/30/2006 12:34 pm

Sexy attitude! Being bisexual lets you increase the potential number of sex partners!

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