Random thoughts (Do you like em big or little?)  

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3/9/2006 6:42 am
Random thoughts (Do you like em big or little?)

I'm sitting here in my office, waiting to kick off a conference call that I won't really be participating in. I'm just the 'facilitator'. Go figure huh? What a job. Big bucks, low drag LOL

I haven't posted much of late other than a description of how I spent my Sunday morning.. God I love t-girls. Especially 'Janie'.. If your reading this, give me a shout sweetheart!

My mind is always awhirl with thoughts and my emotions are always running deep and high.

Sex is never far away as is the guilt I've written about sooooo many times.

My lates 'wave' of guilt was reallys set off by having sex with a girlfriend of mine.

You know it IS interesting.. I NEVER feel the same level of guilt having sex with men or t-girls as I do having sex with woman.

I guess it's always been easier for me to rationalize the sex thing when it was simply men.

That and I do tend to get more emotionally 'invested' in girls. Not sure why that is btw.

I think most of the male lovers I've had woud say that I do connect with them on an emotional level. At least the ones who are honest and particularly, my regular partners/friends.

We have developed a bond but it's a much more male 'type' of bond... It's about friendship and things that we have in common.

With women it's different. I think. Not sure why this is. Anybody have any thoughts?

As always during the day, my thoughts turn to cocks. I'm just built that way I guess. I love sitting at my local Starbucks in the morning, watching all the people go by and fantasizing about what they have on under their clothes.

Does that cute guy with the killer ass over there have a cock that matches.. Hmm, hard to tell. No real bulge to speak of. I bet he's got a small 'package'. Damn...

Hey, check out that dude. Whoa! Looks like he's packing big time... Kind of nice face but a bit 'hard' looking... No way he's gay. No fucking way. Got to be a homophobe.

Look at THAT guy! OMG, how cute can one guy be! Well dressed, well 'manicured', nice hair. Shit, he's married. Still you can tell... Here's a guy that has everything... I mean everything.

People are SO interesting to watch. Not just in coffee shop or on the sidewalk or your typical public areas.

Sometime when your driving around, really concentrate on looking at the folks who are coming at you in their cars. It's amazing just how few of them are smiling. Almost all of them actually look pissed off. It's almost scary. Check it out and see if you agree?

I also love watching how people interact with each other. A man and wife or two guys or two girls. Friends, coworkers, strangers etc. the body language is deafening at times...

People are shy or outgoing... They're self absorbed or totally aware of what's going on around them (I love those folks!)

People treat the folks who serve them differently to. (Note: we're still in Starbucks here Some are very standoffish, some are very friendly. You can tell that some folks are looking down at the baristas or servers, others are genuinly thankful, open and honest. It's amazing.

I'm a people person, always have been. I always go out of my way to be nice to EVERYBODY. Doesn't make any difference who or what you are.

Bigshot's don't impress me and I do care about the 'little guys'

I quess I'm kind of lucky in the fact that during the course of my life, I've 'been there, done that'.

I've been on the bottom and on top and everwhere in between. I know how it feels to be treated like your a piece of dog shit and I also know how it feels to be treated like a 'king'.

I try to approach everyone as an equal until proven otherwise. It normally doesn't take long for me to spot a fake or a hypocrite or a genuine, loving sould. It's all very apparent for me.

It's so easy to become cynical. I constantly refuse to do that. No thanks. I'd rather believe that most if not all people are good, until proven otherwise. The alternative is just toooo bleak for me.

Have you ever noticed how badly family members tend to treat each other? It's horrible how we take our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers for granted isn't it?

No one can hurt you quite as bad as a family member. They're SUPPOSED to love you, your SUPPOSED to trust them, but it rarely works out that way. I know that some of the worst hurt I've ever experienced in my life came from my fellow family members.. How about you?

Getting back to cocks for a moment (sorry, just can't go that long without thinking about 'em)

Don't you just LOVE how they feel when their flacid? So warm and soft... I love they way they look also. All wrinkly and kind of innocent looking. They're positivly cute aren't they?

They're so much fun to play with when they're soft but you never really get that much of a chance to do so. It's the nature of the 'beast' I guess huh? Once you start playing with them, they typicall get all hard and throbbing. Of course hard and throbbing as a special place all it's own right?

I just love playing with my lovers cock AFTER he's cum. There's a point right after he orgasms when typically, most guys will go NUTS if you touch their cock. They're just so sensitive.

But if you persist and have patience, you can get to the point where the sensitivity diminishes and you can play with it WITHOUT having to worry about it getting all hard and drippy.

I love that time. Anybody else with me on that?

I just love taking a flacid cock and pulling it out to it's full length, rolling it up/around and just generaly enjoying it. SOOOOO much fun.

And their just SO damned cute. Of course uncut cocks are a whole topid unto themselves aren't they?

Egos are stange things aren't they? Do you have a large ego or a small one? Which is better?
Do you LIKE guys with big egos? How about those that have little or none? Which attracts you the most?

Ok, looks like I DO have to participate on this conf call a bit. Thanks for listening to my random thoughts

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