My Quest  

tazzerman2000 58M
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9/13/2005 11:19 am
My Quest

This is a journal of my quest. What is my quest? To suck on every available cock anywhere within a 100 mile radius of where I live. Big, small, black, white, hispanic, asian. Makes no difference. My only requirements are that the person is discrete, D/D free and hard

I'm 47 years old, married to a wonderful woman that I love very much but..... I've been curious about guys and cocks since I was a kid. I just never had the guts or the opportunity to act on my dreams, until now.

About 6 months ago I decided to act upon my secret desires. I joined AdultFriendFinder and OutPersonals just to see what was out here. Since that time I've met up with a number of guys. All have been wonderful. (All names have been changed to protect the inocent

I've now decided to keep a running journal of my experiences. (I'm playing catch-up here so bare with me

My very first encounter was with a wonderful guy named 'John'. John lives by himself and is very experienced. I figured he would be a great first time. He was! Very patient and understanding. Very open and giving type of guy. Nice cock. Not to long and thick, hard as a rock and just chocked full of cum

I had practiced some with a dildo that my wife and I use so I was pretty confident about my oral skills. Turns out that I'm actually quite the oral specialist 'John' and I have been together a couple of times since with each 'session' being a bit more daring and fun then the last. 'John' is into light BD. I was a bit hessitant at first but finally agreed to let him tie me up. We had a wonderful time. If you trust your partner, I recommend it highly

My 2nd was a CD named 'Frank'. He was a nice enough guy. Smallish cock but hard and he had real nice balls. He truly enjoyed dressing up in panties etc. While I was more than happy to oblige, it really isn't my think. (More on this topic later) We did have fun.

My 3rd was 'Sam'. 'Sam' was fantastic. Major 'wide load', if you know what I mean. Lot's of fun in the sack. 'Sam' and I have become regulars and pretty good friends. He and I have a lot in common. We're both married and bi. We just enjoy the heck out of sucking cocks. We've been together about 7-8 times both 1 on 1 and with another. (Twice) More on this below.. 'Sam' is a bit older than I am but still in great shape. We do have quite the fun time together. 'Sam' has such a wide dick. Even though I'm not really into the whole anal thing, we've given it a go. Unfortunatly, it hurt so we stopped. I think we'll continue to try. I guess I just need some practice. (Always safe sex btw

My 4th was 'Sean'.. Sean was fun while it lasted, which wasn't very long, unfortunatly. He was the first guy I've been with who actually likes to eat cum. In a MAJOR way! 'Sam' and I had been looking for a 3-way and I figured that 'Sean' would be a good partner so I asked him if he was interested. He was. We set up a 'date' and the 3 of us got together. 'Sam' and I both had always fantasized about a 3-way in a big way! Unfortunatly, 'Sean' came almost immediatly. He just couldn't handle the two of us I think he was embarrased. 'Sean', if your out there, no need to be embarrased dude. 'Sam' and I love ya and would like to try it again.

My 5th was 'Kent'. Kent had been with 'Sam' a few times and the three of us had tried to get together on a number of occasions but never could seem to coordinate things. I kept trying and trying to hook up with 'Kent' but finally gave up. As usualy, once you 'give up on something, that's when it happens One Saturday, out of the blue, 'Kent' called me and we hooked up. 'Kent' was nice but had some trouble getting it up. Even then, he came almost immediatly and then left me to jack off on my own. Sheesh. Oh well, there's always more fish in the sea, so to speak

My 6th was 'Jose'. Jose is Hispanic and he's un-cut. (My first) All the guys I've been with previously were cut and I was very curious so.... I met 'Jose' and we had a very good time. (I also helped him to get his new digital camera working also Personally, I like cut cocks better. 'Jose' is every bit as good orally has I am btw One of the best blow jobs I've ever had... (He like me also

We're almost up to date btw Just one more, for now.

My 7th was 'Mike'. Mike lives in another town. He contacted me via AdultFriendFinder and said he was coming to my city and wanted to know if I was interested. He sent me a couple of pics and I could see right off that I was VERY interested. While we were emailing back and forth, I mentioned that 'Sam' and I were looking for a 3-way and asked if he was interested.. 'Mike' was not only VERY interested, but insisted We scheduled up a date, I booked a 'no-tell motel' and the three of us met up for an afternoon of unbrideled sexual passion. 'Mike' has an ENORMOUS cock. (At least it's the biggest I've seen so far. Around 10+ inches) Rock hard, long and attached to one heck of nice guy. 'Mike' also likes to bottom. Now, I've never really been into the whole anal thing. (See above) ('Sam' and I have tried it a few times but.... Not really my bag) 'Mike' on the other hand truly enjoys bottoming. So, 'Sam' and I were happy to oblige. The 3 of us sucked and fucked ourselves into a quivery mass of man juice and sweat. It was one of the top 2-3 sexual experiences of my life. (More on this topic later) Aside from multiple toe curling orgasims, I was able to truly test my oral/deepthroating skills on 'Mike'. Took him to the hilt (I'm kinda proud of that)

Ok, so your all up to date now. My quest does continue.. Next up, I want to suck on a big black cock and and an Asian. I also want to experience a TS/TV. (The best of both worlds

Stay tuned...

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rm_bignuts35 51M

10/15/2005 5:51 am

WOW I hope I can get a chance to meet up with you. I have a third if youre interested in another 2 way.

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