I just LOVE MMF 3-ways.  

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3/31/2006 7:40 am
I just LOVE MMF 3-ways.

Well, the SMW never rests, that's for sure.

I had one MMF 3-way kind of fall through, thought were were scheduled for last night, but nope, I was wrong.

Well, never fear, horny readers. The SMW hooked up with another/new couple last night.

What a fantastic time!

They were a slightly older couple, very new to this whole thing, very shy but also VERY curious.

'Jim' and 'Jeri' had contacted me a while back but we never really seemed to be able to get our schedules in synch. Well, the moon and stars all aligned last night and I found myself knocking on their door at around 6:30pm yesterday evening.

Keep in mind, we had never actually met, just traded a number of emails, chats and phone calls.

There was a good connection formed, no doubt, and they seemed to like the SMW (and me them) right off the bat. We all are around the same age and really, have quite a bit in common.

Anyway, we sit and have a couple of drinks, talking about mundane things. You know, the typical opening for these types of things.

Jeri's pictured had NOT done her any justice. In person, she was incredbily sexy looking and very very sweet.

Jim was pretty much what I expected from talking/emailing and chatting with him and seeing various pictures etc..

The conversation slowly turned to sex and they both were at first very shy. Well, any of you who have followed the chronicles of the SMW know that that one thing I am not, is shy.

A few more drinks and some nice music and Jim and Jeri finally started to loosen up. The talk turned VERY suggestive and they started sharing some of their fantasies with the SMW.

Well, the SMW is ALL ABOUT fullfilling fantasies It's kind of my hobby...

Jim shared with me the fact that he had always been kind of bicurious. This took his wife by total surpirse! She had no idea that he had EVER given any thought to being with another man.

Further discussion revealed that the thought of it really kind of turned her on....

So at that point, the SMW sprang into action. I went over to where Jim was sitting and slowly started unzipping his pants. Seeing as how no one stoppped me, I continued.

I finally pulled his cock out and was somewhat surprised by a VERY nice sized dick. I just LOVE that anticipation and the unknown, especially when I find a great cock hiding out in those pants!

Well, it didn't take long for the SMW specialy b/j techniques to get Jim rock hard and leaking precum all over the place.

By this time, Jeri 'snuck' over and started to help me with her husbands throbbing hard on.

It didn't take the two of us long to get Jim off. Trust me. He let loose a very nice sized load of man goo which the beautiful Jeri lapped up like a thirsty dog.

It was the first time that Jim had ever had two people working on him as well as the first time he'd ever had a guy touch and or suck his cock. The combination was overwhelming and powerful.. I just love that.

At this point, the whole scene changed focus and we started concentraing on the VERY sexy Ms Jeri.

Jeri is gorgeous, fantastic legs (She used to be a dancer) killer ass and folks, one of the tastiest, nicest, bestest pussies that the SMW as ever seen. Just perfect.

Needless to say, you could NOT pull me off of her if you used 20 Clydesdales AND a John Deere folks.

The night was still very young by the time Jeri had her first orgasm. It was a true toe curler also... Good thing they live in a house

To put it mildly, Jeri is VERY vocal..

The three of us finally moved into the bedroom at this point. They had a very nice king sized bed, lot's of room to play.

And play we did. The rest of the night was spent intertwined with each other. I'm not sure how many times Jeri came but it was definitly in the double digits.

Jim got to fullfill his curiousity and gave me a very good b/j. It's amazing how fast someone can learn how to do that isn't it. Of course, we're not talking rocket science here are we

At one point, he and I ended up in a 69 with Jeri watching and helping where ever she felt it was appropriate.

Jim definitly came 2 more times and of course the SMW was more than happy to oblige with at least 3 of my own..

Around 11:30 or so, the three of us where laying there completely exhausted and spent. We were ALL sharing that special 'glow' that people get after having wonderful sex. It would have been VERY easy for us all to have fallen asleep at that point but unfortunatly, the SMW had to head off into the sunset.

The lovely Jeri and very studly Jim will be seeing the SMW again.....

Man I love MMF 3-ways. There's just NO better way to go folks.

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