I'm SOOOO excited........  

tazzerman2000 58M
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4/3/2006 6:26 am
I'm SOOOO excited........

And I can't hide it.... (Woops, sorry)

Ok, the Skanky Man Whore (SMW) is beside himself with anticipation and excitement.

Why you might ask? Well....... (you knew I was going to tell ya right?)

This coming Friday I get to partake in yet ANOTHER t-girl fest.

T-girl fest, what the heck is that?

Well, one of my bestest, favorite partners in all the world is the lucious, gorgeous, sexy and oh so beautiful 'Janie'. She's a t-girl. Duh

Anyway, every once and a while, she get's together with a bunch of her t-girl friends from ALL over. They come into town from Ohio, Iowa, Mich, KY, IL, you name it..

They typically meet up at a hotel here in town, get themselves all done up and gorgeous and then head out to the various gay/t-girl bars/clubs here in town for a wild night of drunken..... t-girlness....

I was invited a while back to join them which proved to be one of the most mindblowing sexual experiences of my life.

Being the bisexual SMW that I am, t-girls are heaven on earth for me. The best of all worlds so to speak.

We all met at the designated hotel, I was the only 'guy'. Watching and helping them to get ready got us ALL hot and 'bothered'.

The sex that insued was incredible.

Well, I've been invited back and this coming Friday, I get to experience heaven on earth yet again.

I can't wait folks.

Stay tuned for a full accounting of all the action..... And maybe a couple of more pics also...


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