Thank you ladies, for the lovely cleavage.  

rm_tazok3000 57M
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3/10/2006 6:16 pm
Thank you ladies, for the lovely cleavage.

ah, its spring, and beauty reappears. Not the flowers yet, but the beauty of female cleavage The metro ride to work, normally dull, has become more of a thing of joy.

The other day a youngish woman (20 something?) gets on - shes wearing a blouse made of some wispy fabric I could name if I werent a boy Not only is it sleeveless, revealing arms with just the right touch of babyfat, but the neckline is plunging, and I stared unashamedly as she chattered with her friend. her breasts were about C cup size,and the skin was a lovely smooth and white.

Next day two more lovely bosoms were exposed, but not so dramatically. They were enough, together with the rest of the pretty ladies, to get me hard once more.

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