Fun with my nude model  

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7/7/2005 8:18 am

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Fun with my nude model

I have regular life drawing sessions at my place, with full nude models of course!
And this time, i acquired a female Chinese (from mainland China that is) - tall, slim, fair skin, long hair and firm perky breasts no less. Her nipples are perky too, with round nipple-heads. The colour's quite dark but looks delicious nonetheless.
Best of all, she has this slutty-cum-don't-mess-with-this-mama look.
She is 36, coming to 37 soon but she's real sexy, no kidding. And she said she has a son too, like aged 5 or 6.
Anyway, we had a few sessions already. Not denying that i kept asking her back cos I simply can't take my eyes off her. hee hee..
Plus, she's real "professional". Always willing to do all those crazy poses I ask of her. And she smiles alot too. We became more like friends and she's quite chatty. My Mandarin is not bad so I can still crack jokes with her and make her feel "easy".
I remember this particular session where she just laid on her side and curled up her legs in foetus-position. Not much really, but when i noticed her arse hair poking out of the crack of her firm butt... I can just imagine myself twirling those hair and pluck them out! Yes.. it nice to hear her cry in pain...
I dropped my charcoal, frantically trying to wipe my hands on my trousers, cos I also don't wanna "dirty" her. Ha!
I walked towards the lounge bed where she was lying, and she didn't seem to notice cos she got her eyes closed.
Next, my face was at close proximity with her butt, staring at those arse hair, and smelling that inducing odour coming from her butt.
I reached out to one of the hair and plucked it!
She yelped like a good bitch! Haha...
"What are you doing!" she said in Mandarin, and gave me a stern look, but soon turned into a come-fuck-me look. Cos I knew deep inside she liked it too...
I began stroking her velvety butt-cheeks, and pinching them just to get that bitchy cry again.
Then I said to her in my best Mandarin effort, "Let me play for a while.."
She said nothing. Just laid there with the same fuck look.
I put my finger in the butt-crack and began stroking along that warm groove. I felt those hair bristling on my finger.
I also kissed and licked her butt-cheeks. She was quiet all this while, she must be loving it.
I turned her over, exposing her vagina, and with all those hair!
China hot mamas don't like shaving huh?
I split the lips of her vagina with my finger, the rosy flesh already glistened with her juice. She's steaming!
I started to kiss those lips like I would kiss lips on the mouth. And she started moaning.
I ran my tongue up and down on the nether region between vagina and anus, and I felt her legs tensed up and she began breathing heavily.
Next, I inserted 2 fingers straight into her vagina. Stroking the roof of her tunnel while vigorously pushing the tip of my tongue on her clitoris.
Man, she just screamed and yelled. telling me "more more", "faster,faster". She must have missing a good fuck lately.
I also like giving her alot of sucking with squeeky sounds on her clit. She loved it! Haha..
She also enjoyed me tickling her dark perky nipples. And they turned stiff as I tickled more.
Her breasts are equally delicious as I licked, sucked, and nibbled at her creamy flesh.
There were so many stroking, rubbing, squeezing and pinching during that session, that only after like 10 minutes, she let out this gush of cunt-juice on the bed.
And i dunno if she screaming from pain or ecstasy. Ha!
Quickly after that, she rewarded me by pulling down my pants, grabbed my rod and began sucking on it.
And of course not long after that (staring at me with her fuck-me look while she was sucking away) I unwittingly unloaded like half a pint of white juice in her mouth. Streams pouring out from the sides of her mouth. Yummy.
I pulled my rod out and still have enough squirt to give her a milky facial.
Really, she rubbed my juicy lotion into her face. She must have known that fresh protein is good for complexion.
To finish off, I wiped the tip of my cock on her breast.
Now, she looked like a mess. All wet and panting.
Forget about the drawing, session's over.
She got up and went into the bathroom to clean up.
She walked across the room nakedly, grabbed her clothes and dressed up.
All this while when I was watching her, she became increasingly sexier!
After she's all dolled up, I gave a her a kiss and sent her off at the door.
As she turned, I grabbed her butt. Hee hee.. And reminded her of our session next week.
She waved goodbye and gave me a smile, now with a sexier come-fuck-me look. Haha.. definitely!
Then it struck me, I forgot to pay her for this session.
It's like not paying after sex with a prostitute. That's cool.

rm_erotictoon 47M

8/28/2005 9:23 pm

Hey tazme001-

Nice encounter. I do love butt-play with ladies, too. Never been with an Asian gal, though... Read my blogs for more artist-model encounters. Let me know how things go with your friend... How 'bout posting some mini-scans of her butt-drawings?

Yummy... I would've enjoyed licking, fondling, and fucking those butt-cheeks too. You paint images with words as well as I'm sure you do with charcoal...

A fellow artist, and brunette butt-fan.

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