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12/30/2005 12:00 pm

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Lingerie Store

It may sound unusual for a man, but I am fond of shopping and I am especially delighted to walk through the lingerie stores. Each time I entered such a shop, I try to find something special, trying to imagine the type of woman who would be best fitted for it.

One day I was trying to choose something for a present, but I wasn`t very sure about the size and the color and I was hesitating, looking at some items. The shop assistant, noticing my bewilderment, came to me, trying to give me some suggestions. She asked me the size I was looking for and, as I didn`t know, she offered to be model for me so that I could compare the sizes of the person for whom I wanted to buy with her natural size.

She just picked some items she thought to fit with the occasion and disappeared to the changing area. Soon after, she reappeared wearing a very provocative piece of lingerie. The round shape of her breasts was visible through the thin material, while her erect nipples pushed it, making it take their shape. The panties were cut in such a way that revealed the shape of her vulva, barely covering it.

She turned around and I saw the material entering in the split of her well-shaped buttocks. She turned back and I could see the panties almost disappearing between the lips of her vulva. Seeing her soft lower lips really drove me crazy ! As the store was empty, she suggested me to try another item. We went back to the changing area and she removed the strips from her shoulders, unhooking her bra and letting me see her large breasts and her brown erect nipples. When she saw my fix sight, she smiled, inviting me in the changing room.

I pulled the curtains down and she began to squeeze her nipples and caress her clit to her panties, putting her lower lips apart and slowly introducing a finger into her vagina. Then she took off her panties, sitting down on a chair, her thighs wide open, continuing to rub her clit and moving her fingers along the split of her vulva up to the entrance of her vagina. Then she opened her lower lips, letting me see the wet entrance of her vagina, glistening from the juice that was oozing from her.

I bent down, kneeling in front of her, grabbing her by her hips to the edge of the chair and began to kiss and lick her vulva, darting my tongue into her vagina as she continued to rub her clit. Soon after she began to get so excited that her liquid abundantly oozed from her vagina and I was sipping it all. Then I took off my pants, letting her see my strong, erect penis, which made her moan with pleasure, only imagining it filling her completely.

I penetrated her up to her cervix, moving inside her with large and powerful strokes till she reached her first orgasm. I began to penetrate her from behind, while she was leaning against the wall, rubbing her nipples of it, moaning and shaking with pleasure in a continuous orgasm.

I sit down on the chair, putting her into my lap, impaling her into my great penis and she took it all into her wet vagina, beginning to rook her pelvis back and forth till we both had many orgasms. I was sucking and tweezing her nipples, while grabbing her buttocks to press my penis deeper inside her.

We continued this way up to the end of the program when I bought the `magical` lingerie and gave her as a present, because she was the perfect model for it!

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