Good and Bad of having sex in the sea  

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12/30/2005 12:05 pm

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Good and Bad of having sex in the sea

No, the shower doesn't count. It is good clean fun (until someone gets a tap in the eye), but it pales in comparison to a good aquatic adventure on a crowded beach. We're talking holiday-weekend crowded,.... My friend and I were in the shallows up to our waists. It was one of those C'mere, wink-wink kind of things. People drifted near to us, but they had no idea what was going on. We did make a few waves, though.

ADVANTAGES: Your inner exhibitionist will jump for joy. Bathing suits are stretchy and compliant. And, if the water's clean, you don't have to shower afterwards.

DRAWBACKS: Movies make water sports look hot, but nobody ever talks about the friction factor of doing it in water - it destroys any kind of lubrication you have going. And oral activities are out, due to the possibility of drowning. The balancing act was hard work,... Talk about getting sand in weird places - we actually fell down at one point. It was fun, but I'm glad I'm not a fish.

RATING: Blub blub (that's Mermaid for Yes, yes).

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