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Just the thought of all that hot steamy, soapy water and the sight of glistening naked bodies make any woman want to head for the nearest hot tub with her lover following behind her. But as anyone who`s ever tried to make love in your average household bathtub will testify, it can be a pretty cramped and uncomfortable experience. People who attempt to make love in the bathtub almost always make the mistake of trying positions in which they can kiss. The bathtime bliss position makes good use of the limited space, and because you`re both leaning in opposite directions, you`ll be wedged in, so there`s no chance of any skidding or slipping.

To do it: Get your boyfriend to sit with his knees up and feet square on the bath- tub floor. You sit opposite him and slowly and carefully lower yourself onto his penis until you`re sitting up. Lean back against his thighs for support, your legs on either side of his. Hold each other by the ankles for an extra twist, or just use your hands to caress each other`s bodies.

Good for him because: It`s a huge visual turn-on. For one thing, your spread legs mean he has a great view of your clitoris, so he has no excuse to miss it! It`s a low-energy position for him, too, because you can`t move very much. The best way to achieve orgasm is through slow, rocking movements. If he`s taking longer to come, press just above his penis to intensify and encourage his orgasm.

Tester`s verdict: It`s easier if you lower yourself onto him while you`re sitting forward, then lean back slowly. At first, us guys are worried she will break our penis off, but after you realise the range of movement is only a couple of centimeters in either direction, you can lay back and enjoy it. It`s best if the woman has the tap end, so he can lie back and give you the support you need.

Ohmigod rating: 4/5. It gets easier with practice, so have at least one bath a day!

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