a purple mallet  

tattooedartist 44M
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6/23/2005 9:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

a purple mallet

I know the title is wierd but your gonna have to bare with me. I have a couple statments to make and a few laughs to enjoy....lord willing.

Okay. This morning I woke up at a friend house. all cuddled up to a nice warm body....man, latin chics can really produce some body heat!! I went in and made her some coffee and me some tea and back to the bed I went. After finallyy finishing up she said I could use her shower before I left, which I needed to do so I could wake up....I was sleepy!!

So I went in and began to do the do, a little scrubbing, a little rubbin and a little singing and BAM!! I had reached back to find some shampoo and I still had a little soap in my eyes... know the feeling? While I did I fumbled past afew objects that by feel I recognized where not soap bottles and moved on. After finding what I sought and I began putting it in my hair...I got a hard thump right in the back of the head....BAM!!

I was like...what the fu&^%???? I wished the soap out of my eyes and looked down at what hit me in the back of the head and feel the floor and low and behold, what did I see? A large purple dildo, that I would later be told was appropriately named "Barney". I laughed, I cried and I placed barney back on his shelf and went on about taking my shower with a grin on my face and thoughts of how I would use barney on my next trip to my friend house....she will soon realize she should have to hide it from me, now she was gonna get it.

wenchatheart 40F
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6/23/2005 8:32 pm

Barney - oh, that's rich...glad you weren't seriously hurt by her "friend"....

rm_bella_ 47F
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6/23/2005 8:35 pm

I would call mine Sergio!

rm_bonfireguy 49M

6/24/2005 6:14 pm

LMFAO...I just tried posting this comment 3 friggin' times....

ahhhhh the warlocks, witches and gremlins of the infamous af-f servers at it again!!!!

btw - nice bit on the shower post...LOL

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