Whip me, Beat me, Make me like it.....  

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6/21/2005 8:36 pm

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Whip me, Beat me, Make me like it.....

Well....what a day!!!

I have been running my ass off all day getting ready to move my studio and I needed a break. I called a few friends to see what was up and one of my friends tell me they are already partying at his house....so I went home, got cleaned up and scrubbed all the right places!! Slapped on my Enrico sandals, a nice pair of torn energies jeans and a t-shirt. Grabbed some corona and headed for the door!! As I left I noticed some noises coming from accrossed the hall. Now you must understand that I live in the heart of the Art District and one is not astounded by most things you see going on around here but I have to say....this one caught me a bit off gaurd. Let me explain...

I live in an old large victorian style house. It has several apartments in it and although I have the entire first floor, there is a room accross the hall attached to the stairs that is occupied by my neighbors upstairs. Now you must also realize that everyone who lives in my building is gay with the exception of the guy who lives in the back (never comes out for anything) and myself. So as I walked out of my apartment today, Corona in hand.....I hear a few soft voice noises and then other noises I cannot place...either way my interest is peaked. I mean I am not a peeping tom but I decided as I walked out the back gate and through the garden heading for my car, that I would peek in and see whats up. I mean, its dark out right...whos gonna know?

As I walk out the side gate and quietly down the path between our house and the other I get to the window and pause....finally, i peak a little around the corner and what did I see? Three men and one of them is on the bed spraulled out on his belly (i think) and being smacked over and over with a little whip thing by one man and i couldnt tell what the other one had. I mean they were really goin to town on this guys ass and legs. I was shocked and then embarrased and I backed up a few steps as I grinned and tried my hardest not to laugh outloud. Then I went back for another look.....yep...still hitting him. They were all naked, accept one of the standing men had on some black underwear....boxers (OMG...why?). I dont know what ti was I liked about it but the idea of watching someone get their ass beat really had me tranced. I think I stood there fro about four minutes watching with an astonished shocked smile on my face and on and on it went....beating that ass!!!! As far as I could tell the guy loved it....he was pushing his ass up in the air and raising his head. Finally guilt got the better of me and I realized how stupid and wrong I was being and I walked on. I laughed though, for probably more than most of the evening I was still giggling about it. I told my friends about it and everyone else wanted to go back and get a peek...which i was not going to allow them to do. I mean a guy has to have some ethics...right?

On I went to the party and was dringking my first Corona even before I got there. Once I got there nothing really good was happening and I just sat outside the hottub and drank my beer while everyone else acted a fool. No hot chics and nothing really all that cool to talk about.

As I finally got home and was already thinking about how much I wanted to write to you and tell you all about this I was caught off gaurd with the inner hope that they were still going at it!! I laughed to myself as I got out of my car and walked up the path to the side of the house but upon my reaching the side of the house I could see the lights were out and nobody was home. So on I went to the backyard gate and through the garden I went. Once I walked around the corner I realized they were all sitting outside on the upper deck talking and I think they were grilling. I smiled and said Hi, as I always do. He asked about my daughter and I said she was fine and with her mother. I waved and went to unlock my back door and began to walk inside.....just as I was about to shut my door I realized I hadnt grabbed my Chicago Tribune that was on the chair as it always is and I stepped back out to get it......

As I did so I overheard one of the men asking about me...who I was and how many tattoos did I have? Then I heard him make a comment wondering if my cock was tattooed or pierced. LOL I heard my neighbor say that I was a tattoo artist and that he was scared of me at first. That he thought I would not like him because he was gay but that he sees guys he knows are gay going in and out of my place at all hours of the night and day. One of the other men then said something about my being in the closet and then made the statement "Lets go downstairs and tie him up and see if he would like a little spankin. Obviously he is in too pain!!"

I almost laughed it was soooo funny. There was a few laughs and then they went on to talk about my oriental friend Andy who he see's coming over all the time. That Andy did hair and was a total whore. Etc, Etc. Etc.

It is amazing how even when you are just plugging along through life, you just never know whats going on next door and in the end, (no pun intended) who is getting their ass beat and who aint.

Funny, funny.....I love life. Your right Forest.....its like a box of chocolates, you just never know what your gonna find when you reach for your next......"piece".



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