The claiming of my beauty......  

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6/7/2005 9:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The claiming of my beauty......

Good morning my beloved,

It is a beautiful day and the sun brings a new beginning. I spent the evening in thought, writing alot on my book and doing what I could to enjoy the sinful amount of $$$$ I spent on this hotel room for the rest of the week. This is my favorite place in the world and if you have never been to this hotel, I suggest you try and do so TODAY!!! It is called "The Drake" in downtown Chicago and believe you me, it may take a leg but it gives so much more.

My book is coming along nicely and I have put away the summers eve and will leave childish drama for another life.

It looks as though the galleries are all in agreement and I will be having several shows this fall!!! YEAH!!! I am working with the publishing house's now, trying to do what I can to get the next two books published (some things are always difficult) and although I have enjoyed this trip and will continue to do so until Friday....I am ready to return home. The brick walls and smell of oil paint is calling me with a high and mighty voice.

Thank you, my special ones for your comments and support in my time of need. I wish there were words to describe how much it touched me but there are no such words for the power of your voices.

I went shopping today and let me say....felt like a whore when I was done. I am a man but to say I enjoy beautiful things is an understatement. Walking through the streets of Chicago (my city) and filling myself with the luxuries of my own madness brings such contentment and joy. I bought a nice suit, some shoes, a new pair of glasses, some candles......a webcam (this I am very excited about!!!) and of course the usual...empty journals ( I keep em in stock) some wonderful champagne and some new CD's and that's all before I left Michigan Avenue. The most beautiful things I bought by far though was a new Cello. I have been planning it for about a year, low and behold I wandered by the Violin Store on S. Michigan on my way to SAIC to see some friends and there it was.....sitting in the window calling my name. I played it until almost 4 am last no complaints (that's the true sign of a good hotel...thick walls!! lol). So now I am off to the Gallery and I am sure I will walk over the The Art Institute to see my Picasso.....(blue guitarist). I wish You were here, near me so I could touch you, hear your breathing as I lead you through the city streets, this is such a beautiful city.

I am starting a new novel in about a week and I am hoping desperately to have the serenity to do the things I cannot do!!

Well, I will write more a little later. I wanted to see you for a few minutes and relish in the beauty that is only much I carry you with me, even when your not really immortal......immortal beloved.

Must it be? Yes, it must be.


wenchatheart 40F
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6/7/2005 7:04 pm

A way with words...the way they flow - with ease and eloquence...I feel as though I am there with you....I believe I will enjoy your entries. Thank you for having them

pussnboots694 73M/78F

6/8/2005 5:53 am

As I enter the Drake I am overcome with many emotions, anxiety, fear, curiosity, how will you react when you see me...

Speaking to the man at the front desk, your room number in my head, I step onto the elevator, such a wonderful dwelling for you to be resting your head, a lavishing luxury, which you well deserve.

Finding your room I stand outside the door, I am about to knock, as the door opens.... you stand before me in all your beauty, I begin to tremble...I look deeply into your eyes, no words are spoken, you gently take my hand and welcome me into your suite and gently close the door behind us.

Wearing only a towel, it almost seems as you were expecting me, perhaps not....You step towards me, your energy, rushes through my body, in a heart beat we are joined your warm hands at the side of my face, you kiss my lips gently savoring mine, then you pull back , looking into my eyes, I can see you overwhelmed with happiness, the tears wheling up inside, you whisper thank you for coming... my heart overflows, as our tears crest together, our mouths find each other, no words need to be exchanged, you sweep me off of my feet and carry me into the bed room.

Our desire whelming up faster than either one of us are ready for, there is not stopping what is about to happen, be are bound to be one..

you know I am with you, each fleeting moment is like an eternity...
Sweet kisses to you

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