The Claiming of my mystery.....  

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6/27/2005 6:43 am

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The Claiming of my mystery.....

It has been ten years since it all began this October. How we met doesnt matter, other than to say I know in my heart and soul it was fate. We were a beautiful couple. Madness and passion followed us wherever we went. We were the it couple on campus, although I never really realized it until later on, when I was told. We both were good looking, in great shape, worked hard and were very passionate about the arts....she and her books and me and my paint. She was dark, elegant and poised. I was tattooed, quiet and mysterious and the havok we brought into campus life would cause quite the stir. We were not scared of anything or anyone. The world was our playground and we used it, like it was only ours.....fearlessly.

I guess before we go any further I should help you get to know a little more about her.

You never knew what to expect out of her. She was like a giant vault of suprises. She swept back and forth between so many different worlds that in almost all of the three years of our relationship, I can say I never stopped learning something new about her almost everyday. You would see her one day in her raggedy jeans and tank tops, her tannned skin, tattoos and hard body shinning freely upon the world, breaking hearts everywhere she moved. Her dark hair straight and full, all the way down to her ass. The next day you would see her and she would be dressed to the nines...high black boots, beautiful long tweed dress skirt and closed collar black button up shirt, wearing her glasses.....dangerous... Beautiful.... Elegant...untamable. One moment she would be drinking cheap wine and spouting quotes from this book or that (as if everyone in the room was in her mind with her). The next she would be drinking a Heineken and laughing so hard she would snort through her nose. Even then she was beautiful and no matter what she did, she never lost her poise, her elegance and she wreaked sophistication.....she was a truly regal woman. She remains a mystery to me, to this very moment.

She was actually a double major, Anthropolgy and Creative Writing. With hopes on teaching at a college level as she wrote her books....her true dream. She was the most beautiful writer I have ever seen. The power in her words was at most times almost more than I could bare. I would lay off in the corner of the couch for house and listen to her read her writings to me, watch her as she created. She pushed me hard to learn to write, to loved it when I would write things for her and it was our thing to leave little notes everywhere all the time. I wish I coudl tell you how much time I spent hiding little notes all over her world, it was a lot. Once she even got out a black sharpie and wrote poetry on my body as she rode me............. but we will get to that later.

She was my dream. A true gift from heaven above and knowing her, meeting her, loving her and the worship I had for her would change my life, my soul, my heart and my destiny.....forevermore. She is my angel, my all, my immortal beloved and this is our story.


rm_bella_ 47F
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6/27/2005 7:39 pm

If I had read this part first...your words say it all...beloved story. Isn't it beautiful to remember such loves using words such as beloved, my dream, gift from heaven. Lucky to able to use these words. You are passionate and feeling...that is my dream.

pussnboots694 73M/78F

6/27/2005 9:20 pm

You are my mirrored reflection in more ways then you will ever understand...

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