Surrounded in a bed of roses.....  

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6/20/2005 1:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Surrounded in a bed of roses.....

We all have our needy times, do we not? The times when a simply gesture of a friend will calm the bashing of the midnight within.

I have been so self involved these past few days. It is always shocking to me that when things go bad, they always come in droves. Ive made it though, through the the darkness and into the bright dew of the morning light.

Last night I made love to a beautiful italian princess. What a magical woman she is. I played with the small hairs that grow at her hairline and she laughed at the tattoos gently peeking out from underneath my designer clothes. We spent the night in conversation and we watched a movie or at least one played as we talked. I layed out dinner and then we decided to go out for a walk. It was beautiful outside and you could smell the spring in the night air. We walked through the downtown and widow shopped as we walked by the dark, vacant stores. We laughed and as we got back to the house she asked me if I would play some music for her. As I began to grab my CD's she smiled and said no....You play. I really was not prepared for such a request so as I tried to keep my cool I asked her what she wanted to hear and she told me, whatever you like. Why do people do that? If you want to hear something and are going to be bold enough to make such a request, at least know what you want to hear!!! I was stumped.

So I rampaged my brain and decided to just play. So I picked up my cello and did my best to play some of my own writings. She sat very still and listened and when I was done she was very sweet. She said it was beautiful....lie or not I loved her for saying it. I was suprised by the fact that she could play as well.....not cello but piano. She played a few things for me and I sat back and laughed at my suprise. I am such the artist busy absorbing what I see that I do not have the time to look any in the moment. Once I thought about it, it didint suprise me at all that she played piano and better than I do at that.

She told me about her job as a diamond dealer and her travels. She talked about her jewelry she designs and the beauty in which she etches each dessign by hand before sending it off. Then she spoke of something I had never heard of....."Black Diamonds". I immediately stopped her and had her explain. She told me they were not as rare or as valuable as normal diamonds but in fact, they were black!!! I knew instantly I was going to find and buy a black diamond piece of jewelry.

We hung out more and talked about everything under the sun. She told me of her sexual fantasies and of her very forward desires and in shock, I listened and imagined all the possibilities. She really is a true beauty. It is amazing to me how much I love to be shocked. How much I really want someone to show me something Ive never seen, never experienced. It is such a rare thing and when it happens I am almost a fiend for it. lol What is it with me and dark eyed godesses?

We made love for a little over two hours and as we both passed out, I was exhausted and very, very happy....content. Lost in the allure of the heavenly and beautiful creature that layed naked next to me. As I slipped out of consciousness my last few thoughs (oddly enough) were being layed out in this bed surrounded in black rose pedals (which we were not but the thought was there nevertheless). OMG. and of Angel. How terrible is it that I thought of her? It is amazing how she haunts me, even in the most beautiful of moments her ghost never wains. I rolled over and grasp my dark beauty, I will not be bound in chains forever.

Too much for one man to bare.....what a beautiful night.


pussnboots694 73M/78F

6/20/2005 9:38 pm

What a beautiful evening you shared, an escape from the cold echoes that haunt..
There are somethings that even time can not erase, sometimes it does not heal us, we just learn how to carry on.. you will when you are ready to let go.

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