Sexually ravenous man.......  

tattooedartist 44M
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6/1/2005 10:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sexually ravenous man.......

Ya know....being on this site has been an interesting experience. I have to admit, there are alot of unsatisfied people out there and for good reason.....

I have been on here less than a month and in that month I have been very fortunate to recieve a good share of emails that sound provocative, engulfing and thrilling BUT....what I dont get is all the games!! I mean...what the fuck? People come to a site like this because they are unsatisfied OR looking for further satisfaction and then they play games? DO they not realize it is just that attitude and mannerism which has landed them in the current situation in the first place? Are we not all after our hearts content (or maybe a little lower than the heart)???? I have been told that some people come to read my blogs after seeing them on my profile and others read my blog which leads them to my profile and I am not really sure what in either has lead anyone to beleive I am into playing games?


DO NOT let my tattoos fool you....I am an artist and businessman and my time is valuable to me. I have many interests which require my attention and forthrightness would serve to expedite all matters for all those involved. When I relax (which I do often) and play I do so at my own expense and the time is precious and fleeting. I WORK HARD, I LIVE HARD AND I PLAY HARD. Am I wild? Oh Yes. Am I forward and aggresive?..Absolutely. Do I like to fatasize and dream, lust in my own mind? Dont we all!!!???? Do I want to play games with anyone? FUCK NO. I am honest and very up front and I expect everyone who contacts me to recipricate such. I have updated my profile to reflect such intentions and I do hope that the message gets through and it is not misunderstood or ignored.

If this is not or has not been you than please do forgive my bluntness and my poise.......I just do not want to waste anyone's time, especially my own.

So to all I wish a wonderful day and that each and every one of you may find this day, a new and exciting way to add to the beauty of your own life and that of anothers.

TO ALL, I send my hopes and my adoration.....


pussnboots694 73M/78F

6/1/2005 7:55 pm


Your presence surrounds me,
Your touch envelopes my soul,
Your breath on my neck, sends tingles down my spine,
Your energy moves my spirit, sweeping me higher and higher a whirl wind of desire.

I can feel your need,
Your kisses are hungry,
You leave me breathless,
Your hands slide down my arms,
My body aching for more
passion set forth with an ignition of fire and desire

Come to my blog, you have inspired me....

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