My lustful adventure......(outline)  

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6/12/2005 9:39 am

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My lustful adventure......(outline)

I just wrote the story as i would have it known and beleive it or not, AdultFriendFinder wire came up and said it was too long, once i looked at it i realized it was waaaaaaaay long and i laughed. I will be posting small bits of it in detail over the course of the next few days, some things needs to be given their just deserve. SO.....

I will give you the gist....

There is an erotic group called "The Paris Performance Group" and my night began with seeing them at a small theatre on the northside of chicago. it is a formal event, with dancing and refreshments but you must be formal and you must wear a mask. You must also pay a large fee for an invitation. Which i did over a year ago and have been waiting in anticipation ever since. I had tired to see them in cleveland once before but was ousted by the numbers and bad timing.

I went to the show wearing all black and my mask i bought at i arrived late, as i alwyas do...i like to make a silent observation before im known.

It was a breathtaking performance which went way beyond what i could have hoped to expect. I wished i could have known more about all the others attending, that was my only disappointment. some danced but most just sat in their small groups and watched, clapped and swooned over the exotic beast that was on stage. It is a rare thing when i am taken back but please do let me share with you, i was in awe. The lady who writes and directs these performances is named Nadja Audermann (german i beleive) and she must be the most amazing person to know. After seeing the show, the level of professionalism and talent, as well as the beauty and passion that cried forward into my senses, i realized it is probably better i dont know her, i would be a slave. lol

Two of my friends from chicago attended at my expense and invitation and they are to play their parts afer the performance was over. this wsa the beginning and i savored each and every moment. My two friends, Bernard and Suzette are beautiful people. He is a middle aged photographer with beautiful skin and she is japanease with long coal black hair and a poised

As the show came to an end and the night began, i shook hands with several people sitting around us that we had exchanged small talk with and off we went to continue my plans. We got back into a cab and off we went to the Flat Iron building to my studio, were I had it all set up and waiting for the nights events.

I placed them where i wanted them and got out my digital camera. I shot some photos in some different positions that would help me later on and then i let them do their thing....

I walked over and put on my painting pants.....naked as a jaybird right in front of them and picked up my favortite brush. #2 filbert

I then walked over to my stereo and put on the soundtrack from the new "Phantom of the Opera" and the only light in the room wsa three red lights i had lite and a the nine candles around my easel. As they began to devour eachother i sat in silene and could feel my fire burning. i etched out several beginnings on three different canvas' and decided to concentrate on the second. I watched them for a few moments nd then would paint some when it would hit me, then i would watch somemore and snap a few pictures and so on and on. Two hours later i had what i needed in photos and a good start on two canvases, the third i will do off of the photographs. I think bernard came four times in that two hour period of time and for her, i could not tell, she was moaning and yelling the entire time.

After it was over, we all went downstairs to the cafe to get some drinks and look at the photos on my camera and wsa beautiful and i thanked them. We were still talking about the performance and Suzette told us it wsa the performance that brought her intensity so high and made her orgasms so strong. We all agreed it wsa amazing as we sipped out smoothies...I was waiting for someone and finally she was there....looking at me.

She is a petite beauty. Russian background, very short black hair and lots of tattoos. Ive known her for a few years and weve always been close. So as the escapade ended and i sent my friends off with hugs and my love i snuggled into the idea of the remaining time with my undicovered victim and we hoppped in the subway (blue line) and headed for downtown. After a quick transfer to the redline we were at "The Drake" and heading up to my room for the last night fo my stay.

Let me just say this part and others are going to have to be seperate posts....believe me.

I enjoyed this trip more than anything in my recent memory and wished you could have been there....I am home now and my heart is already homesick for that sweet aroma.

I look forward to the next few posts and do so hope to hear from you all.....I miss you terribly.

With all my love.....


pussnboots694 73M/78F

6/12/2005 2:38 pm

My phantom...

Of exquisite talent and taste..
What a truely erotic adenvture..
I so look forward to hearing the rest,
How it touched your soul..
I want to feel your passion
and be swept within your vision
savor your madness
taste your tears..
Touch me...Please... I beg you
As I look deeply through your eyes
Soft kisses laid upon your lips

naughty5171 45F

6/13/2005 6:24 am

Oh my goodness! I read your blogs and lose myself in your words. They are not just words they are true feelings and emotions and every sentence cries out to my soul. Is it a cry within my soul to be able to experience such things? It really gets me to thinking about our last conversation and the life choices we make. Do I let part of me die in order to truly live? Such a deep question, but asked with sincerity. I don't know the answer, but time will answer it for me.

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