My Black Beauty.  

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My Black Beauty.

The story continues......

We had only talked once and I had invited her to my party I was having that night. I was spellbound by her dark beauty but at this point completely clueless as to how my life was about to change.

The party got started and my being the good host I am, I had everthing prepared greatly in advance. I bought several kegs of beer, several half gallons of choice alcohol and all the trimmings. FOr those interested in other fun, they would have to provide that themselves, as there party was in the basement. Our parites were known on campus as "the" parties to go too. We went all out, my four roommates and I. We lived in a very large house with a fireplace, several floors and a full enclosed back yard in which we had built a stage for live music. We lived right in the heart of the village so the noise was not a problem.

People began to arrive and the party was going strong when she arrived. Beautiful, powerful she was but I wasnt going to allow any one woman to own my attention, I had guests!! I played the host well, I flirted and got people drinks and spent my entire evening making sure everyone was happy and fulfilled. I introduced people to others I thought would interest them, got others to break out of the thier molds a little and brought the life of the party to a loud roar. I poured shots for the girls and introduced many to the quiet slam of the Seven and Seven poppers....(mix seagrams seven with seven up in a shot glass or small cup and place your hand over the top....once it starts to fizz all crazy you drink it cant taste the alcohol).

The party was a great success and as people began to take on their own leisures and loosen up I realized it was time for the live music to start. I shut down the DJ and got the band together and off we went to play. Until then I had only seen her here and there in passing and a few moments we talked. Yet she stopped me just before we went on stage and she gave me the most beautiful kiss and smile and whispered in my ear....that she wanted to talk to me after the party....alone. I smiled, thats exaclty what I wanted to hear.

I went up on stage and the band began to play our first song and I began to sing. I sang my heart out for almost an hour. I mean as I do all things, I put all my soul and spirit out there and let it all hang out. When I was done some were shocked but all had a good time. Alot of friends came to thank us for playing and everrybody had a good time.

It was the late hours now, I had just brought some poor kid some sprite who was out in our front yard puking and made sure some other friends got him home. I had taken one of my roommates up to his room and placed him in bed and I had done my duty fro the night. As the last few people left at around 4 in the morning I sat looking at a trashed house and smiled, a completely successful party and a job well done. I looked accross the room from the front door and there she sat on the bottom of the stairs....waiting patiently.

I walked over and sat down next to her and began to ask her if she had a good time and she placed her hand over my mouth for me to be silent. She then grabbed my hands and began walking in front of me up the stairs backwards, as she looked me in the eyes. It was one of the most intense moments Ive ever had in meeting someone and getting that personal right off the bat. As she walked me up the stair she just smiled at me and took me upstairs and layed me on my bed. My room was actually pretty bare. Books and art supplies, a bed with just sheets, no blanket. I wasnt much for home decour at that point in my life. All I had besides all this was a desk and a large crucifix hanging on my wall. A one last cherished gift from my real mother.

She layed me back on the bed and stood before me in all her beauty. She was weaing some old levi mens jeans that fit her curvy hips so well and hung low and had holes all over them with a worn brown belt. A black t-shirt cut off to a halfshirt with the sleeves cut off and a slit cut down the front to show her cleavage. A beautiful Cameo necklace (which was her festish I would later find out) and all of her long black hair was pulled up in an oriental tie on the back of her head. I sat there and wondered how she made it all through the night without my molesting her and wondered how many other men tried too and immediately I felt stupid for not paying more attention to her, even if it was my party.

As I looked at her thinking of my stupidity she began to tell me how great of a host I was and how much fun and happiness she got from watching me all night, play the host. She called it my gift...although most of the time I was very quiet, I know when to play my part though...dont we all?

I began to answer her and she motioned for me to be silent again. I smiled very big but obeyed, I can be a good boy. I was dying with anticipation and the silence was bringin gme to an even higher level of intensity. She began to undress right in front of me. I mean I had only kissed her twice and talked to her once but watching her I almost died. I was in such awe of her and as she I saw more of more of her I knew she was going to steal my soul. I knew I was going to love her like the waking world.

As she reached her finality and all she wore was her black underpants and a smile.......she did the most erotic thing I think Ive ever seen a woman do to this day. She stood tall, long and firm, looked me deep in the eyes and raised her arms slow above her head and behind and she loosed the hair that nestled there in that beautiful frame on the back of her head, as she did her eyes never left my stare. Her firm breasts rising with her arms. The tan, smooth skin of her flesh flexing in the pale glow of her beauty. As she undid her hair and it fell she shook it out and just as she began to shake it gently, she closed her eyes for a second and when she came back down she lowered herself immediately onto my chest. She undressed me......I couldnt see her face, it was all hidden in that mass of hair...I could feel her lips on my stomach and her heavy breathing against the tattoo on my tummy. She pushed and pulled demanding me to move to accomodate her needs. I was all undressed now, 100% bare to the world.

She slid forward and immediately straddled me, still wearing her soft black panties. My cock was so hard I thought I was going to lose the feeling in my legs from the loss of blood that all rushed to that secret place. Her hands were all in her hair and all at once I realized she was somewhere else, even thogh she was still there with me. She had changed but still looked the same. She was grinding her pelvis against me as she pushed her hands through her hair, I could only get glimpses of her face btu she was stirring something in me I didnt know how to see. I began to move but she immediately pushed me back down on the bed forcefully. Her hair hanging all around me as I felt her soft, delicate hands on my chest. Then she was back up again, grinding and the moans began to come, slowly, quietly she began to speak to me, although I couldnt understand what she was saying. Then I realized, she was speaking in french. Before that moment I always thought friench was a beautiful language but never had I wanted to learn it, until now.

As she spoke to me and it became clear she was doing so and how fluently she could, my fire began burning so high and hard I thought I would cum right there but on she went, grinding. I could see her now, she was twisting her hair around in her hands and began putting it up in the back of her head again with her little stick and as she did I could see her deilcate, her little poutty mouth and high cheekbones, her little pug nose and the baby hairs that grows at the base of her hairline underneath that thick mass of my black beauty. I knew right then and there, as I looked in her eyes......I loved her completely and I was going to lose more than my mind over this doubt about it. But whatever the cost, I knew I would have given her my soul if she asked for it.

She fell forward on me and buried her face in my neck, I could feel her breathing and panting as she continued to speak to me in words I did not understand....soflty, softly she spoke. All at once my fire broke and I rolled over on top of her as I heard her gasp. For a second I thought she was upset and then all at once I realized she was shaking. Then I had the most unbelievable realization of my life.....I liked the fact that she was shaking. If you ask me to this day, I think it was the first time I actually understood the animal......the beast that lies within.

I leaned in almost so close to her I could touch her holding myself up in my hands as I brought my face inches from hers. I could smell her, I could see the moisture on her lips...she wasnt speaking anymore, she was just lying there now...shaking. I stared deep into her eyes and I stared for the longest time, gently reaching down and suckling her small chin in my mouth every now and again without ever breaking my stare. Her hands were frozen by her sides, as if she was in shock she lay there. Then a small almost smile escaped her frozen face and all at once my heart fell. I pounced on her and began kissing her passionately. I could have stopped right there and went to bed and it would haev been the msot intense, erotic sex Ive ever had but on it went, the monster would not be had so wanted more.

We kissed and kissed and the moans and grunt were flying all around the bed, I was kissing her mouth and her neck, stopping to smell her deeply and taste her every glance. I had her held down by her wrists and as I did she began to push at me and fight with a big smile on her face. I stopped myself becaue I misunderstood her resistance, I hadnt gotten to the point of understanding the animal just yet. That would come later. As I pulled back for just a second, it was all she needed to take over and back on my ass I went. She was on top again and she was alive like I have never seen before. All animal, all beast with wild eyes and a cherub mouth. Her frail but curvy frame becoming bigger than I could imagine. She pounced on me and began to speak to me once again in french yet this time the language was sharp and insistent. She reached down and dug her claws into my stomach and as I rose in a quick pain my heart shot and my pride rose, I was back again and I didnt give a damn if she screamed , i was going to take her.

I rose up from my laying position as she sat on top of me and I grabbed her hard between my hands and I stopped her face dead into my eyes and as she looked at me she broke again and the most beautiful thing happened....a tear fell from her eyes and rose down her cheek. I sat there in shock fro a split second, not because she was crying but becasue I knew why she was crying. I kissed her gently and softly and I pulled her to my chest. As I did I felt her move her hands down to my cock and she grabbed it quick and firm. I rolled her over to my side and on her back on the bed and layed her out for me to see. It was the first time ever she seemed so vulnerable and young to me. Her ribcage rising high as it flattened out her tummy in her deep breaths. She was truly.....magnificent. The most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life....I was staring at Gods hands as he worked his magic before me. It was the first time I called her my Angel. I said it and from then on, thats exactly who she Angel. To everyone else she was Angie (short for Angelita) but for me and only me this was her name.

I reached down and grabbed hold of the front of her panties from at the top. I heard a quick start from her as I did. I then ripped them off of her and threw them to the side. Now the artist in me risen, I wanted to see every ounce of her, for I knew I would be painting this moment in my mind for the rest of my life. Perfection, total and utter perfection. I never knew I liked details of a woman this way or that until right then. I leaned forward and I looked her deep into her eyes, a gentl smile ripped accross my face and I dove into her flower. As I did I pushed my arms under her legs and grabbed her by her hips, so there was no escape. She rose forward as I took her into my mouth and let out of gasp that I would have to describe as almost painful, although she wasnt in pain. Her entire frame went absolutely frigid and she began to rock her hips back and forth as I took her clit gently between my lips. As I trapped her clit in my lips and flicked it with the tip of my tongue she came all at once. Hard and lasted what seemed like forever, that first orgasm. She was flipping and pushing at me, grinding and pulling me as she moaned and eventually screamed. When she fell mildly silent and as she layed there gripping the sheets I rose up and went up to her to look into her eyes, her juices still covering my mouth. As I came even with her stare she reached out and kissed me so hard it almost hurt my lips. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her. Into her I went deep, I did not want to hurt her so I went slow but she pushed me deeper until I not only hit bottom but felt as if I was crushing her insides. She let out a very loud moan that sounded as if it came from someone else and then she said something in french (just so you will know, her mother was french and her father Puerto Rican, so she grew up with a few different languages).

I drove hard into her and as I looked into her eyes we moved into the animal......piece by piece we became one. As we moved we became one flesh and our souls merged that night and for all time. She came again and again. Matter of fact her reactions became so strong and frequent I began to lose myself in her rhythm but I held out, I didnt want to cum until I had taken it as far as we could go. I knew I could cum more than once but I wanted this first one to hold off, I knew it was going to cripple I didnt know if she was on the pill and we hadnt even thought of a condom.

We locked ourselves together in a rocking motion, as I had sat back on my knees and had lifted her into my lap on the bed. Her arms were around my head and her legs around my waist and we moved in one fluid motion. No longer two people but one solid mass of love and passion. I held her so close to me and we were both dripping wet with sweat and I squeezed her hard in my grasp as I thought to myself....if I could die right now, this would be heaven. She was laying so hard against me I didnt know if I could bare it much longer, I didnt know how much more I could take. She pushed me back onto my back and as she rode me I realized she was crying again. The tears fell silently on her face. There was no pain in her eyes and no words from her lips. She reached over onto the desk and grabbed something although I couldnt see what it was. I tried to remember what was up there but I coudlnt think of anything. Then all at once I saw it, it was a black marker. She pulled off the cap and began riding me deep and slow. She then leaned forward and said soemthing right in my face that I still do not know to this day and began to write on my chest. I was so hot by this point I could have skinned her alive, I coudlnt get close enough to her. I pulled her over onto her side and began to thurst into her with all of my strength, as I did she began to moan in sharp gusts as she reached to me and pulled me harder and harder into her. As she came again she jet back her head and screamed so loud, I would later find out she woke up my roommate who was downstairs. She came hard and it was was also her end and I could tell. She went totally limp beneath me, more still than ever before.

I pulled back and it was then I realized how hard I was breathing and the almost grunts that were coming from my breathes. She turned around and layed out beneath me and began to stroke my cock...long, strong and hard was her rhythm and within about 30 seconds I was about to explode. As my face strickened in the strongest chills I had ever known all of my muscles began to lock up and the pain of my cramps was mixed with the chills and I think, no, I am sure for a few seconds I was no longer there. As I looked down at her to see where I was too shoot my explosion that was beckoning me I saw that she had scooted up and was laying right beneath my cock. So it would cover her entire upper body. She just stared at me as she breathed deeply still adn slightly bit her lip (which is a sexual habit of hers). All at once my heart fell and all of my entire essence exploded from my loin. The chill was so strong I could only compare it to what I imagine a seizure would be like. I shot my load all over her and she rose to meet my gift as she too moaned and smiled.

I immeditaly went completely limp and wasnt sure if I was going to be able to catch my breathe, it was almsot scary. Yet I looked at her and the only thing I could feel was immeasurable awe and complete thankfulness. Nothing else in the world existed for me those moments with her and would remain that way until the end.....and beyond.

She cuddled up to me and we both fell fast asleep. When I awoke in the morning she was gone and all there was left of her was a note beside the bed that I still have. It said......

"Will be looking for you in my dreams, all day." Angelita

PS- I hope you heard what I whispered in your ear as you slept. Oh yeah, thanks for the cigarettes!!

I realized she had stole my smokes, which made me laugh and I sat there for what seemed like hours reliving the night if it was a dream. When I went in to take a shower I saw what I had forgotten about...what she wrote on my chest. In black letters was the word......"MINE".


DirtyLilSecret61 55F

6/28/2005 7:16 am

AWESOME writing. I don't smoke but I feel like I need a cigarette at this point.



6/28/2005 10:47 am

I do smoke and it tastes just right now. Very powerful writing.

wenchatheart 40F
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6/28/2005 7:53 pm

OK, now I need to get laid, because I felt like I was right there with you....

pussnboots694 73M/78F

6/28/2005 9:16 pm


rm_bella_ 47F
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6/28/2005 9:16 pm

That is so beautiful! Your writings allow me to be there right there with you. So many times I speak of passionate sex and not just sex. I think so many have a difficult time understanding my intention when I use this word...but you have captured it. You have captured the meaning of passion...and to experience it..I am sure you can attest it is the most wonderful, powerful feeling that exists.

I will read this entry again as it has left me breathless. To read your words, your interpretations makes me wonder even more who you are and how you came to be. My interest is so are #1!

Now in true honesty I need a cigarette after that entry as I find myself reading your words, slipping into bed and thinking about your words....tonight will be no different.

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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6/29/2005 11:16 am

Whoa!! That is awesome... so real... soooo... hmm....

tattooedartist 44M

6/29/2005 7:13 pm

It was real, sometimes I think it was too real.


pussnboots694 73M/78F

6/29/2005 9:23 pm

a gift of pure erotic passion
when it touches us so deeply
we feel incomplete
when we are not being satisfied
with the same intensity...

(Princess Lips)

7/12/2005 11:48 pm



very sensual!

passionate writing...
and powerful!

Could almost feel you...

(is it hot in here? )


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