Give me shelter.....  

tattooedartist 44M
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7/18/2005 9:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Give me shelter.....

The painting is finally done, today and tomorrow I move things into place. I cannot remember ever in my life being more at home, felt more that I was exactly where I belonged.

I am going to be taking some pictures this week, a friend of mine is coming down from CHicago to help me. They will be new pictures for my blogs, as well as new pics for my profile.

This may sound like a vein question but I am going to ask it anyway. What would you guys like to see? Any ideas for photo choices, etc?

I am a bit lost as to what I should do, as it takes on more momentum I am sure my creativity will light but I would still like to know your thoughts. SO many who come into my blogs are so quiet, never adding anything. iw ould love to hear from you, your ideas or thoughts.

I am also thinking of making a video intro but my mind is still chewing on that one.

Well, to all I pray you have a beautiful day, that it be filled with love and happiness, passion and play.

Adieu, for now.


rm_bella_ 47F
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7/18/2005 9:20 pm

Anything you do will be wonderful... (waiting in anticipation)

pussinboots4u 50M/47F

7/19/2005 11:27 am

Would love to see your paintings! Also, I remember a post about a victorian - how about some architectural details, close-ups? Just some ideas. I'm looking forward to checking out these new photos, I'm sure they will be beautiful, whatever you do, and the best photos will be those that are of your own inspiration because it is like viewing the world through your eyes and having a glimpse of what it is that interests you.

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