Darkside of a Genuis..........  

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Darkside of a Genuis..........

They have denied this post btu I am going to put this through again.....it is my writing, there rare no real names in it, I did not use any out of place language....so I am not sure why they would bann this but here we go again.

(This is for you, my dark angel and the lust I bare you. Be gentle and patient....we have yet to begin.)

"Your model is here." Justin assures me as I walk into my studio. "She is upstairs and waiting on the red couch. Ive given her a glass of wine and told her you would be here shortly. Im leaving now and I will be back in the morning." He says as he is on his way out of the door.

As I climb into the elevator and make my way up to my loft I dread the thought of another boring model. A pretty face with large doe eyes, soft skin and a chisseled frame. Looking as if she is in diar need of a good meal and some sleep. I told the gallery that they had better bring me someone with power...a woman...not a sweet colorless toy.

As I climb out of the elevator I light another hand rolled cigarette and immediately go into the spare room to retrieve a bottle of wine. I kick off my sandals and my shirt and put on my old dress pants that are stained with the cruel colors of my madness. As I open the bottle and walk into the main hall I can feel the air of serenity easing into me.....HOME. The vast room with its brick walls and concrete floors are truly relaxing. High above the skylights and the widows.... the high walls ease in just enough of the streetlights to give life to this dark palace. I can see the paintings littered about the floors and walls. The fruit of my crimes and passion. My easels are all lined up in suffering rows with their vast dual mantels towering 9 feet high above the floor. It is then that I see you, sitting gently on the edge of the red couch, yoru drink and a lite cigarette sitting on the low table in front. I am immediately taken back at your beauty and as I approach you there is such a beautiful pain rising with me. I stop about ten feet in front of you and just stare at you as you adjust your pose and let loose of a starting smile.

"Do not talk to me." I say, "It will take away from what lies between us and remove the intensity of what is unknown."
You look somewhat nervous and the shift in your eyes tells me something is rising beneath you. All at once I realized you were hot with desire. That you have wanted to be painted for quite some time was your thought and the mere realization has you tied up in knotts. I change my plans and it is this night we will find perfection.

I throw my cigarette on the floor and walk over to you. As I stand before you I raise your chin to look into my eyes. You have long black hair and sqaure shoulders. The beauty of your strong jawline is only matched by the fire in your eyes and the rose color of your cheeks. As i tilt your head side to side I notice the stength in you and the poise in your posture almost drives me to madness immediately. I turn around and walk over to the 9 foot easel directly in front of us as I motion for you to come. You stand slowly, putting out your cigarette and moving towards me. As you reach my side I grab hold of your wrists and I hold them in my hands so that I can look at your body. Curvy and taught is what I see underneath your black sweater and slacks.
"Stand here and do not move." I tell you as I walk away. I walk over to my art cart and I pull out a long brown leather lash and I walk over to you. As I stand before you with it in my hands I can see your entire poise change. Your head tilts softly as if you would beg me to reconsider. I grab your wrists and I pull them high above your head and I lash your hands to the mast of the easel. It has begun is the feeling rushing forth within me. Now I have found you, I will not release you without my desires fulfilled.

I stand a few feet from you, taking in the view of yoru fleeting breath as you try to conceal your anxiety. As I finsih my cigarette I step forward and take you by the small of your back. As I do I lean in and whisper in your ear....

"It is now out time my beauty. I have waited for such a clear midnight melody to ease itself before me and this night we will dance beneath the moonlight. In the morning you will be set free and you will leave here much richer than hence you came but I must warn you, this night will not soon end before you heart will return." I can feel my breathe upon your skin and your enticing smell is filling me with madness. "Will you come with me or wont you?" I ask.

I lean back just enough so I can stare deep into your eyes and as i do you lean your head against mine, surrendering all of your soul to the will of this shared lust.

Just then I tear the sweater from you back and throw it to the floor. The violent tugs retrieve a few whelps from your timid, curvy frame but I can see you total supplication. I grab the side of your head in both of my hands and I ease your gaze in to mine as I kiss you gently upon your forehead knowing it will not be the last time we will touch. I can feel you wiggling and I realize you are trying to remove your shoes. In a quick I have pulled at your wasteband and eased them down and off your feet adn you are left hanging there naked, poised for my expression. The only shelter for you is a beautiful silver necklace with a tear ironic dropped shape stone and the tears welling up in your eyes. A lesser man would pale and wonder at the glistening on such a gentle face but I realize those tears, for I have worn them. I know it is the joy and invitation of the wanting that brings them forth and this perfection, we will realize together.

To be continued....

pussnboots694 73M/78F

6/2/2005 8:04 pm

my delicate hand extends out to you,
you touch my fingers,
grabbing my wrist you kiss my palm,
sucking on my finger,
your mouth wanting to taste....
you lick my tear drops,
enter my soul...

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