Darkness Falls......  

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6/25/2005 9:25 pm

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Darkness Falls......

It was her eyes, as she beeded in on me that sent the chills through my bones. I knew in that instant I had to have her. She was 5' 5", asian and beautiful as Ive ever seen in a woman. She had long black hair that went all the way to the bottom of her ass and was cut with straight bangs, betty page fashion. Her neck was thin, so thin it almost looked like she wouldnt be able to support all that hair. Her eyes were deep and jetty, her lips were full and as I looked at her, nothing else mattered. There was only she and I alive in this world....nothing else creeped in.

I walked around the room to the side of her, so I couldl watch her almost ballet like movements as she enchanted me, deeper and deeper into her loving trance. I wanted to smell her, brush her hair, feel the softness of her beautiful skin. My obsession rose and I knew at that moment I would go to great lengths to know her.

As the day went on I saw her here and there moving through the hotel like a dove on legs. The last time I saw her before I took her, she looked at me over her shoulder. Not directly but she knew I was there and she smiled. I watched her take her hair as she sat in the chair and twist it about in circles behind her as it grew shorter and shorter in to a ball. All her hair was bunched there, except a little swirl of hair twisting out from the bun. As she finished she took out a large pin and placed it in her hair. Watching her do this, seeing the exposed skin on the back of her shrill neck and the perfection that she shot at me was almost more than I could bare. She rose and went back into the conference room and vanished.

As i went back up to my room, I began to get myself together and went into the shower. I wanted to smell and look great when I came to take her. I walked into the shower and turned it on cold, ice cold. I stood there and looked in the full length mirror as the water ran. My skin a golden brown with a red tint, my blonde hair full and hangin in lockes about mid-length. All of my tattoos, deep reds and violet blue's. Rich, deep and eternal they stare back at me, a living history. I layed back against the doors of the shower and could feel the cool mist. I closed my eyes and began to think of her. How she looked and how she would look naked. Her hair all sprawled out all behind her head like a fan, as I bury my face in her crotch, tasting her blessed juices. Watching as the rise and fall of her chest, as she grasps for breaths. Seeing the flesh of her tummy shake and jump in pleasure as I devour her soft, pink morsel.

I lay against the shower and I take my full, hard cock in my hand. I begin to stroke it slowly at first, going to full length of the shaft. Gripping the head in my palm with a little squeeze as I reach the tip. I lean my head back on the door and enjoyed how cold it felt against my naked back. I imagine how she would look with this hot, sweaty tattooed monster entwined within her arms....lusting after every inch of her sweet serenity.

I stroked my cock harder and harder until I hear the base of my palm slapping against the soft skin of my groin with a sharp slapping sound. My passion was building and I could feel the ache all the way from my ass all the way up into my stomach. Hard and swooning sensations as the chills ran through my entire body. MY toes pressing hard against the floor and my feet slightly curling. The lust has taken hold now....I am an animal now, not a man. All I see is the images of my lust inside my quiet keep and I am prowling, prowling my dark urge for the prey that will ring my melody.

I imagine her thin, naked body on her knees on the bed. Her back arched up and laying on my chest as I take her from behind. Her hair floating and skimming the flesh of my ribs as it pushes down between she and I in my deep thrusts. I can feel her hair between my cock and her ass and I realize it must be dripping with our juices. I thurst harder now.....harder and deeper and deeper I go. As if my life is found within the deep bonds of her eternal soul. Her face is pointing toward the celiing and her breathes are coming in slow, heaving gulps. I have one arm under her arm and around her as I hold her to my chest by her throat, my face right beside her ear as she hears my desperate panting. My other hand on her hip and I hold her close to my violent rhythm.

I am leaning over now in the shower. The lust and passion so strong and terrifying. I am being held up by the wall as I lean my head on my arm and continue to stroke harder with my other hand. I go the full length of my hard shaft with each stroke, the slapping getting almost defeaning as I pull on the handle of my greed.

The monster is breathing, coming in short gasps.... now I see the climax coming unto my horizon. I hold my breathe in my deep moans and my body begins to convulse as my orgasm begins. "I LOVE YOU MY MELODY, I LOVE YOU!!!" I scream as my load pushes out of my body. The chills start in my ass and go all the way through my groin and up the sides of my head, then slide back to my toes. My toes curl so strongly during my orgasm that I get cramps in the bottom of my feet and I do not even care, I wont stop for anything. My load shoots out, all over my hand, the wall, the floor. I even got a little on the side of my cheek when I was bending in my chills.

As I stand there smiling, leaning with all my weight against the wall, trying desperately to catch my breathe and my sanity. I think of my Asian beauty and I laugh at how she commands the monster. I look down at the pool of cum all over the floor, walls and my arm and realize I had better get in the shower. I ease on into the shower and lay back against the cool, soothing water and wash away the tears of my lust. Yes, thats the melody.

As I come out of the elevator I see her. She is standing by the rear windows of the pavillion looking out into the night. I walk her way, etching closer to my beauty. In my strides I smile at the thought of her and my lust for her grows again.
Finally, I am standing right beside her, she turns in suprise to me and begins to speak.....

"Mr. Johns?" She asks.

"Yes, I am Mr. Johns, please call me J. " I smile as I say and offer my hand.

"I am sorry you had to wait and I do so appreciate you agreeing to meet me here for the interview. I have this seminar to attend and its made it much easier for me to do it this way. Thank you so much for waiting so patiently, these things can last all day. Are you enjoying yourself so far? Does the room we got for you meet your needs?" She says as she tries desperately to be so curtious. What a sublime creature she is.

"Yes, the room is beautiful. I really love the bathroom, it is beautiful." I smile on the inside so big I thought I would bust....if she only knew.

She gestures towards the bar and says..."Shall we get started?"

I bow and use my arm to ensure her I would only go after her, as any gentlemen would. She walks on into the bar and I order us a bottle of red wine. As she sets down at the table and I set accross from her my intensity builds and as it does I am set on my path.......

Do you hear it? That sweet gentle sound?

Its the animal, he is hiding.....in wait.


pussnboots694 73M/78F

6/26/2005 12:55 am

Listen to the deep growling of the beast
That aches to be released...
The passion that washes over your hardness
With each powerful stroke
Blood rushing through every fiber of your soul
Your screams echo your pleasure
Such an intoxicating animal
That lays hiding
Waiting to strike....
What a sweet sound indeed

bella_ 47F
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6/26/2005 8:30 am

Ohh my...this is just beautiful! Your blog does something to me very, very few do...I love it...don't stop!

patsam69 51M/51F

6/27/2005 7:47 pm

reading your words...I was there with you....I am still picturing you ....mmm...wonderful

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