A phantom in the dark........  

tattooedartist 44M
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6/8/2005 11:41 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A phantom in the dark........

It is for you my dear, that I do this. For the touch of my hand holds no vision if not beneath the vengeance of this lust. My passion grows more and more and as I walk here, down the halls of this forbidden land, it is the rise and fall of my deep thoughts that detour all reason.

I sat in the ballroom last night and drank my favorite wine. I did so until my lips were numb from the taste. I looked about me at the couples and others who sat deep in conversation acting as if there minds were not reeling with the same thoughts. My head swam and my heart skipped as I thought of what burns inside me. There is no measure within that would keep you from my touch, my taste......my want. I will hold you prisoner in the tomb of my erection and there will be no freedom without the loss of all reality ....without escaping this world in the arms of our passion.

You are my angel, my dove, my lust and my love. On and on echoes forth the desires that I have for you. I will not be denied, I will not be detoured, for the lust of my flesh is at peace only when it is settled in your view.

I stand and walk to my room as I my head swims and my legs ache with the throbbing of the lust. I am stopped in the hall by a couple asking if I know the way to the cafe on the second floor and as I answer I catch myself looking at them, wondering what it is they see. I could plainly see the suprise on her face. At first glance I seem like a gentlemen dressed nicely in a casual suit of black with my deep grey shirt, unbuttoned and worn in leisure. Yet, as they stood there and her husband asked me his questions I could see the shock that underneath all the glam was a man who has alot of tattoos. The tattoo on my neck and my hands were the only thing visible. He had done a good job hiding his dismay but she on the other hand did not. I was courteuos and polite, a true gentlemen and wished them a good evening as I sent them on their way BUT....as they reached the elevator I looked back just enough to see her looking back at me and what did she do? ..................she smiled. I walked on around the corner with a thousand questions and a thousand desires and as I reached the door of my room I had to almost laugh to myself....if she only knew what I was, who I was......the beast that lay beneath the dark grey shirt. The kindness and passion I would show her would ruin anything we would ever share beyond but how beautiful it would be....how pleasurable for us both, even if only for a night.

I smile and unlock my door and the night ends as it began.......in thoughts of you.

Good evening to all.....


wenchatheart 40F
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6/8/2005 4:44 pm

Oh to have been that woman, to have seen what she saw....and to know what she thought.

pussnboots694 73M/78F

6/9/2005 6:05 am

To the shadows of beast that lies in us all, silently aching to be released, through pleasure and pain.. those with the courage to actually let it be felt, know what I am speaking about....the pleasure is all ours.........
In thoughts of you a warm smile crossed my face....
Pleasure washed over my body,
Perhaps the cats outside had something to do with it lol

Sweet kisses to you

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