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tatooedstorm 48M/48F
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1/13/2006 1:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

New House

hi everone , how are you doing? I just needed to talk a bit , you see im super duper excited hubby and i were looking at some houses to ether build or buy an exsiting house. (from an owner or spec home from a builder). We found a beutful house . Perfect for our kids, my mother, and us.Now we just have to wait for a morgauge approvel , and then we can finaly be back in our own place again . his mother is on her feet financely and we gave her more than enough time to ajust her spending habitsand go on a buget.( we moved in to help her out after my father-inlaw past away )of wich she hasent stuck to at all . she has done this to try and force us to stay with her ,but she is sadly mistaken, we've told her many many times that we wont stay here with her ( she has a absessive compolsive behavure) ,plus a verioty of other things that drive us insane lets put it this way bitching about everything is the only time she is happy .anyway i've got everything crossed (even my 34 c cup tities .....wink wink ) even my boys can't wait , if we get the house my mom finaly gets to fully enjoy her retirement in FL and get out of PA plus she can go to the beach anytime of the year. any way wish us luck . hugs to every one see you later

rm_xxxsxplosion 58M/47F

1/17/2007 6:57 pm

Hi Storm, just reading your thoughts. Hope all goes well with your new home. Still waiting for that smile, though. Hugs and kisses, Shawna

Voyer1313 50M/50F  
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4/24/2008 7:12 am

congrats.... We boughtour first 4 years ago. I hope all went well wth the transfer.
Gentle breezes,

prespru79 37M
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6/3/2012 2:36 pm

congratulations in every details.

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