Wednesday 2-22-2006 Mailbox jammed!  

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2/22/2006 1:24 pm

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Wednesday 2-22-2006 Mailbox jammed!

It looks like being away for a while allowed my mailbox to reach the point where I was only a few messages away from being "full".

I could only get through 40 of them today. I'm following through on responding to virtually everyone, so it's taking some time.

Clueless: Yes, this category is back again. One email fell in here today. The guy was 1500 miles away, married, and his profile said he was looking for discreet sex with a woman. Three strikes and YOU'RE OUT! Four and you're CLUELESS!

Couples: I don't know why, but I've been propositioned, nicely, by two couples who would like me to join them. I'm looking for a husband, and I'm rather possessive about sharing him with anyone. So, couples aren't my thing.

Too Far: Qutar? UK? Australia? India? 9 today that were just ridiculously far. I'm looking for someone to cuddle with in front of the fire, so I'd prefer someone near Philadelphia.

One Night Stand: 2 today. I especially liked the guy who said he could "fit me in" on Valentine's Day. Boy, what a love life he must have!

Too Short: I've drawn the line. If you're shorter than I am, you're too short. 1 today.

English Challenged: From a guy in my area. So garbled that I just couldn't understand what he was saying!

Dead Handle: Obviously didn't want to wait around for me to respond. Probably found out by his wife, since his included profile said he was married.

No Information: Literally nothing in the profile other than "I am looking for...", and an email offering me a date. There are enough lunatics out there that I want to correspond, then talk on the phone, and then, if I feel there's a chemistry, will I meet you.

Penis Pictures: 5. One porn-star quality, the rest merely ok. None of them got anything but a short response that I don't respond to profiles with erotic pics. And that reminds me of a story. George's penis was called "North". North, you say? Yes, North. Why is it called North? Does it always point North? No. It's called North as a nickname. It's full name is "Peter North". I understand "Peter", but "North" is still obtuse. Why "Peter North"? Peter North was a porn-star in the 80's. George's penis looks so similar that it could be a stunt double for the original Peter North's.

And the last category: Compliments. 5 today, including a comment that my blog brightened the writer's day.

I'll try to get back on tomorrow to see what the other 40+ messages say!

"Stay Articulated"!

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