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Tuesday 1-24-06 15 emails

First, today's scoreboard:
Too old (40+): 4
Offer of a one-night-stand: 1
Too short: 1
Compliments: 3
Penis pictures: 3
Duplicates: 3

I'm finding the duplicates somewhat ironic. In one, the guy sent a penis picture (which, I have to say, should be in adult films) and asked if I liked what I saw. Deleted immediately, of course. His next email, which didn't even wait for a response from me, suggested a threesome with his girlfriend. Deleted immediately, of course. I'm awaiting a third from him with a suggestion of nipple piercing. LOL

I got a question about the weekend date, and if the guy really was having a panic attack. Probably not, but he was visibly shaking, and not a little either. This was beyond "nervous". I think he was probably imagining, beyond the sex, a life living with a TG and what his family/co-workers/friends would think and it was freaking him out.

And now, a little history, for those of you who asked, on another somewhat-related topic. When I had my breasts done, I had them done in San Francisco, near where I went to college. I mentioned to the doctor that I was somewhat interested in SRS, and knew that I'd have to go through a counseling period first. As I hoped to do it when I completed grad school, I figured I would get a start on it then. He recommended a doctor, with whom I made an appointment. That doctor referred me to a counseling program in Washington state, where I was going to go to grad school. When I arrived for grad school, I started to go to the program. One facet of the program is that they assign an "SRS partner". The partner is someone who has had SRS and can basically hold your hand and tell you what to expect. My partner was a woman named Becky, who was in her 30's, and was "Meg Ryan cute". If there ever was a person who really "laid it on the line", it was Becky. She told me about how her outlook changed after SRS, how she was no longer afraid to date men, and how none of the men she had dated for the last 2 years since SRS had known she wasn't a genetic girl. She was bedding men left and right, and having a grand old slutty time. In many ways, I found this very scary and disturbing. Moreso, I was surprised to hear that she had moved 3000 miles away from where she grew up, once she had SRS, to "begin anew with no baggage". She even cut ties with her relatives, leaving them no forwarding address, and changed her name. One of the many, many conversations I had with Becky concerned her long-term boyfriend, a guy named George. Apparently, she and George lived together for almost 10 years as husband and wife, and he supported her financially and emotionally through SRS. After SRS, she saw no reason to stay with him and left. She said George was the first guy she ever dated, and, except for George's previous girlfriend, a black TG "hung like a horny elephant", the only person she had sexual contact with until she had SRS. I found the conversation intriguing, on a number of levels (all those psych classes I was forced to take for my major kicked into high gear). After 3 months of meetings with Becky, I asked for a new partner and got one who wasn't quite so "radical". I later dropped out of the program when I decided not to have SRS.

I finished grad school, and re-located to Philadelphia. I've established myself and now want to settle down. So, having a fear of office romance, I decide to cast my net far and wide to find a suitable life companion. One of those places is AdultFriendFinder. One of the emails I received was from another TG. We got to chatting via email and she forwarded me an ad she had saved as her "dream guy". The guy sounded great, very intelligent, articulate, warm, and funny, but his account on AdultFriendFinder is gone. By searching all of the TG friendly sites, I found a substantially similar ad and emailed the guy to introduce myself. Lo and behold, who should respond? George! He wrote in one of his emails to me that his ex had SRS, dumped him, and moved to Seattle after having been together for 10 years! Yes, Becky's guy! He's older than I would have expected, in his early 40's, which could be a problem. And, I haven't told him I know more about him than what he's told me... but we have a date Wednesday!

"stay articulated!"

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