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5/23/2006 3:35 pm

I've decided to change gears and re think my approach. I've been going at this all wrong, it didn't seem wrong, but now, a couple months down the road, it's clear restructuring is in order.

Sexual freedom and satisfaction though simple sounding enough, is not as easy as it sounds..... I'm finding out.
Though at first you think, "oh he looks Hot" write or wink or chat or just invite over for a late night rendezvous, it's all good, right? Well you get in the same room, and you can cut the tension in the air with a knife, and there's zero chemistry, you don't really know each other so you don't have any special feeling for them, but you decide to go for it what the hell it's just a fuck right.....

Now I digress, I have been having sex for 36 years. I've had countless partners, and I'm serious I couldn't count them all, some bad some great, they hit every level on the scale from bad to unbelievable. I myself have put to practice skills and techniques read, taught, tried and true, and some fun new kinky stuff also. My point here is I know what I'm doing and I know what I want. But I keep running into men who are bumbling idiots in the bedroom. I'm an equal opportunity girl if you're nice and have the look I wanted I gave you a shot,,,, that's changing as of today. No more MISS NICE GAL. I need to set a standard and stick by it. NO MORE KISSING FROGS!!! I'm left setting there dumb founded with a limp guy stuttering "Gee I don't know why this is happening" Dude, we got candles, music, a plush bedroom, hot tub, toys, lube, and me in a hot red nighty ready to fuck your brains out and you forgot to bring your COCK! I'm not going to do that anymore. NO MORE! NO MORE! NO MORE!!!!

From now on it's not just your cock that will get my attention.
You think I'm Hot? You think I'd be fun for a roll in the sack? You wanna hook up with me?
This Dominant bitch (sorry for the attitude) is going to tell you how it's going to go:
1. email with pictures, all of you, not just your face and cock.
2. a proper correspondence between the 2 of us to see what we have in common and if there is any kind of spark.
3. We go on a date!
It doesn't have to be steak and lobster, it can be coffee or a drink in a near by bar or club. We talk, we tease, we kiss, we decide if we have chemistry. If we don't, and this will be my decision, we say asta lavista and go our separate ways,,, it's all good. No harm No foul.
But if we like each other and I can feel my heart race, the hair on my neck prickle, my crotch throb,,, if your kiss takes my breath away,,, if the smell of your skin on your neck makes me want to suck your ear, if your touch sends a tingle down my spine,,,, then baby it's on! and we are racing to our spot of choice and we're gonna fuck the livin day lights outta each other!!!!
There's nothing wrong with wanting passion to be present when you're having sex! It's so much more satisfying and pleasurable when it's rippin hot! Taring each others clothes off because you can't wait to get to the wonderful skin covered present inside!!! That's chemistry! That's what I want! and trust me that's what you want... you don't want some chick setting on the edge of the bed wondering and waiting to see what's going to happen next. If there is no chemistry, and there is no knowledge, or friendship or any plan of attack, it's going to be boring and forgettable to say the least.

If you don't turn me on, and you wait for me to make the first move,,, man the moment,,,,, well there never was a moment and you might as well put your pants on and go home.

Come to me with more. Not just "hi nice tits", or "lets see what happens". Come to me with charm, experience, and effort. Make me see why "I've got to have you" charm, skill, creativity... work for it!!! And I promise I will make it worth your time.

rm_bfi69er 55M

10/19/2006 1:35 pm

I have felt the same way!!! The lemmon law should be a practiced and respected dating law! But come on lets all be honest!, we're all here to satsify our sexual appitites. and yes there should be some chemistry. others wise you might as well handle it yourself and probably have a better time at anyway. there's nothin worse then shaggin and wondering if we're done yet? huh when it should be "o' my god are we ever going to get enough!! oh ya don't stopp huh!! so im a akiechita Means warriorso oohay me!!

tat2lady4U 60F

10/20/2006 5:31 pm


rm_aureliano53 61M
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11/23/2006 11:07 pm

without chemistry there is no juice or hot pussy. Therefore, i totally agree with you.

i read all of your blogs, and i also read your profile. i was very impressed.

i have had the same experience that you had about people not reposponding to you. So i hope that me introducing myself to you in this space is ok with you.

i am an intelligent man with an insatiable appetite for sex. you said you have big butt and big tits. i am mostly attracted to big butts and would treat your with such respect and want that we both will remember forever what makes you soooooo hot, your ass. My CHOICE OF WORD DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM BEING DISREPCTFUL, JUST EROTIC EXPRESSION.

I am a single Latino man who is looking, like you, for a friend with benefits. i am passionate at everything i do including making sure that my woman is totally satisfied before we both retire for the night. I derive pleasure by giving pleasure. That is so rewarding to the man's ego when he does truely satisfies his woman. i feel that you are one unique lady with whom to have consistant contact and be great friends. But again, chemistry has to have a big play in it. If you like oral sex, that is giving and recieving, we can last all night long and see the sun rise and then fall into a deep comma sleep.

Do you like to travel far? i live in Pismo Beach, and you live in Paradise. i have been to paradise several times when my ex used attend Chico State. We can alternate weekends of one coming one way and the other another time. It would be fun. I live alone. i live about two miles from the beach. my town is also very small; smaller than Paradise. YOU ARE WELCOME ANYTIME. If what i said sounds good to you, write me directly at: AdultFriendFinder,com or you may call me at 805.709.2552 I WANT TO SEE IF YOU RESPOND.

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