tat2lady4U 60F
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8/13/2006 10:48 am

This will be my first year to attend "BURNING MAN'' in the Nevada desert. I'm going with my son, who's 27th birthday is on the 27th of August, and has been the last 2 years. My first born, takin his mom to the hippy dippy, free love, artsy fartsy, pagan ritual, techno throbbin, 25,000 people gathering called Burning Man!!!!! I am so excited I'm almost nervous!!! I only have 2 weeks left to get ready for it....This next week will be nose to the grind stone money making and next week will be round the clock costume production.... I am going to go 100%...... I have to REPRESENT!!!

If you've never heard of this crazy event I've included a couple links. One is the satellite view of this temporary community that appears in the desert for a couple weeks each summer and then disappears COMPLETELY until the next year. The other link is the official BM website.

I can't believe as artsy fartsy as I am, and 50 no less, that this is going to be my first year.... I feel almost virginal, LOL. It's a week of extremes. Over a 100 degrees in the day time with constant desert dust, down to the 40's at night. People ride around on bicycles wearing as little as their birthday suits or skimpy attire during the day and fully costumed in faux fur at night!!!! On Saturday night they light the "MAN" on fire, a fully constructed HUGE neon covered effigy of a person. And the multitude of attendees, 25,000 expected this year, dance and celebrate around HIM as this structure animates to a standing, with arms raised over it's head, is engulfed by flames!!!! I swear you really need to go check out the pictures!!! They are breath taking!!!

The entire area spans 3 miles in diameter and is completely organized as you can see by the satellite view. There are many themed camps that pride themselves in erecting huge art installations for the week and some burn them at the end or take them home, but the art is one of the reasons I'm going for sure.

Well I'm going to stop gushing about this and get my ass to work on todays half sleeve appointment (mucho denario),,,,,,This BM excitement has almost taken my mind of sex,,,,, just kidding lol!

rm_marnisway 85F
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12/11/2006 7:27 pm

i was invited to go ...and didn't....
i kick myself all the time...
next year definetly..


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