To the back of her throat  

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4/12/2005 8:14 am

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To the back of her throat

I was stressed out at work last night and I usually walk over to the shop next door and talk to the owner of a small store, while we go in the back room and smoke. I was ranting about how my day was going and she says "I know a way to make you feel better." Now this woman is a young divorcee that used her divorce settlement to get a boob job and her teeth done. She is a blonde bombshell now.

My eyes narrowed as she asked if I wanted her to try. We had never been more than friendly to each other, and now she had that mischeivious grin on her beautiful lips. I leaned back and said "Sure. Cheer me up."

She moved from her chair and kneeled between my legs. She wasn't even situated yet and I was hard enough to cut diamonds. She used her teeth and bit at my engorged cock through my pants, sending shivers through me.

I tried to pull her up to kiss her, but she stopped me and said that this was all for me and instructed me to lean back in my chair and enjoy.

She unbuckled my pants and unzipped them, exposing that my 7" cock had pushed it's way outside of my boxer waistband. She licked at the head and showed approval by taking her finger and licking off some of my pre-cum. I was ready for a long enjoyable time... However she engulfed my meat and threw blonde tresses forward and took me to the base. Her tongue and mouth were working perfectly together as she slammed up and down allowing me to fuck her face almost violently. My back was arched almost painfully as this wonder woman sucked the hell out of my dick. I NEVER blow fast with a blow job, but I could feel it getting ready to explode and I told her. She plunge forward again and kept me burried down her throat as her tongue attacked my shaft. I held back not wanting to cum in my friends mouth and I tried to pull her away, but she fought back and that was it... I blew the most glorious load of my life.

She was amazing... I will be taking advantage of this situation for a long time. I can't wait until she is stressed out so I can return the favor.

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