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3/25/2005 10:09 am

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...When she returned from the bathroom, My girlfriend and I each took one of her hands and led her to the bedroom. We removed our clothes then we removed hers.

She is a gorgeous blonde, with big, round, firm tits and large dark nipples. She has a stunning ass, flat stomach with a peirced belly button, and a sumptuous cunt that was made for sucking that I immediately wanted to sample. As I laid on the bed, my girl coaxed her to straddle my face. She told her,"Wait until you've had him eat your pussy, You will love it." Once she had lowered her delicious pussy to my mouth, I began my magic. I was sucking, licking and nibbleing on the sweetest box that I have ever tasted.

Then I felt my girl lean forward and take my cock into her familiar warm mouth. She had just started sucking when the blonde screamed above me and delivered her hot, sweet cum juice into my waiting mouth. I slowly teased her some more with a flicker of my tongue, trying to focus on her pleasure so I wouldn't explode from the fabulous head that I was receiving.

Damn... what a terrible time to wake up. I guess I'll have to go finish off what my dream started.

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