Third Vent  

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7/13/2006 11:15 am
Third Vent

I've worked seven straight days and today I am very tired. I am far from a workaholic, but I do what I need to survive. Living around here is not cheap.
My friend and I are supposed to get together tonight. I would like to ask her why she thinks that we haven't been intimate for a while. She could very well feel that I'm the problem. I don't attract or turn her on or it could be something else. I just don't want the night with one or both of us being angry at the other.
I feel very intimadated on this site. There are consiberably more men seeking women than there are women seeking men. In my area alone, the ratio is better than 14-1. The women can afford to be very choosy, espescially the ones who are very attractive. I feel that I am going to be a great deal of effort into this if I'm ever going to get laid.
One more thought, if I may. I read a lot of the women's profiles and many of them don't want to see a picture of a penis. I recall one lady writing that she assumes all of the men have one. A good assumption.
I assume that every women has breasts. Many of you have excellent breasts that I would love to get my mouth on. I think that I can safely speak for all the straight men on this site that we wish to continue seeing pictures of your breasts.

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