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5/10/2006 6:45 am

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erotic stories

I am game for all acts of fulfilling sex...but perhaps when we meet standing face to face, me in my bra and g string bathed in the eerie glow only candles can throw, you in your boxers, your hard cock straining in your crotch at the site of my body, embracing we kiss deeply our tongues exploring each others mouths as you run your fingers down my spine, your hands cupping and cradling my ass cheeks, massaging you grind your cock across the mound that is my pussy, reaching up you release my bra as my breats spring free nipples erect with longing, moving down your mouth finds its way to my breast, so warm you latch onto my nipples licking and sucking each in turn as your hand finds its way to my panties easing them to the side you trace the outline of my womanhood already moistened by your attention to my breasts, your index finger plunges into my sex, plunging in an out "I am so wet". My clit between thumb and fore finger. You fall to your knees and drape one of my things over your well muscled shoulders. You lick hungrily at my swollen clit as your hands craddle my ass cheeks drawing me onto your tongue alternating between my clit and my love canal. I rub my tits with passionate force, my standing leg starts to quiver as I succumb to your oral expertize. I fall back onto the bed panting, legs wide you stand over me, massaging your hard cock and swollen balls, looking at my perfect form I start rubbing my pussy at the sight of you...I beckon to you to come to join me. Joining me on the bed you roll me on top of you in the 69 - You continue to eat my pussy, my hands wrap around your cock as I gently begin to pump your shaft and knead your heavy cum filled balls, I part my lips and sink your cock into my mouth as my experienced tongue and mouth such hungrily tasting your precum as you lick feverishly on my pussy and asshole. (Must fuck you) you roll on top of me as your cock seemingly with a mind of its own finds its way to the prize, resistance as I bite my bottom lip at the size of you, then heaven, so slick and wet you begin to work in tandem with your rhythm in and out - I raise my head and watch as your glistening slick shaft hammers in and out, your heavy balls slapping agains my ass, my breats swinging with our "lovemaking". Our mouths find their way to each other, kissing deeply me tasting myself on your tongue. You move forward pushing me up against the head board one leg over the crock of your biceps, I trace my fingers accross your chest. You look up to the side seeing my pretty foot suspended in the air, which sends you over the edge and you hammer relentlessly into me at jackhammer pace cumming, I pull you from my pussy, turning, and pump your soaking wet shaft as you spray my stomach and tits with your hot cum.....

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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5/10/2006 7:45 am

welcome to da blogz

nice start....

botsup 61M
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5/11/2006 3:56 am

well done taq has me going

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