failure to pay attention..  

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8/1/2005 12:09 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

failure to pay attention..

Today.. I was nicely reminded by the muffler on my bike, to pay attention..

I had been riding it around, and every once in a while stop to adjust the carburetor. SO that way it would idle as it should.

And dumby me.. ASlways forgetting what physical pain feels like..
reaches over to wrap my hand around a nice hot muffler.. Now I know this next part is going to be hard to believe.. But I actually didn't feel any pain. But could hear my hand sizzling.. On the muffler.. Now I know I get a case a dumbass.. But this one was good. . And of course people are watching so I have to act like nothing happened. Yah know that shake your hand, it didn't hurt.. Look so you act as if nothing stuipid really just happened.

So now my left hand is home to some nice third degree blisters.. Course my left hand went numb some time ago soaking in a bucket of ice. I figure frostbite in my hand. is easier to deal with than.. when the air hits the burn spot again.

So for those of you that are ever wondering how hot a muffler can get on a motorcycle.. I have the answering to that deep and troubling question.. JUST DON"T TOUCH IT>>>> It really burns..

lol.. Ya'all have a fun day.

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